Barley and Oats–Meals for MAMAS through all stages!

img_8930 A few weeks ago, I spoke about motherhood at Mitera’s Talking Motherhood event. I was on a panel with some other incredible mamas, Rebecca Sinn an editor at Self Magazine, Alisa Vitti, an integrative nutritionist and hormone specialist, and Ashly Yashchin founder of Barley and Oats. Ashly so generously offered me a sampling of the meals she offers through Barely and Oats; and I loved them! Barley and Oats is not your average meal delivery service, it is specifically geared towards moms who are trying to conceive, already pregnant or have given birth and are nursing.

Barley and Oats came up with the term “Motherfood” as a new brood of superfood. The goal at Barley and Oats is to help females meet their unique nutritional requirements through their childbearing years. Ashly told me if I did the 15 meal plan I would get all of the vitamins and nutrients that come in a prenatal vitamin. The nutritionists at Barley and Oats identify the nutrients that have specific functions for female health, fertility, pregnancy, fetal development and breastfeeding support; and then source the best whole foods to create delicious meals that deliver these nutrients in to your diet.

The meals arrive on a Sunday or Tuesday evening in all  recyclable packaging and you just store them in the fridge until you’re ready to eat each one. Some need to be heated up, others can be eaten cold. I started my morning with a delicious gluten-free bagel with cashew scallion cream cheese and a side of cubed mango. I couldn’t believe how good the cream cheese was! I have a craving for this breakfast now regularly. 

Barley and Oats salad Next up was a delicious salad that had everything from a beet pickled egg, to aged parmesan cheese, eggplant and sweet potato. The avocado green goddess dressing was to die for. I didn’t feel deprived at all, as a matter of fact, I was pleasantly surprised by the amount of calories in each meal. The portions are hefty and each meal can run from about 500 to 1000 calories. As a pregnant or nursing mama, we need those good, high quality calories. If you do find yourself getting hungry between meals, there’s some delicious, nutritious cookies offered on the site or Ashly recommends snacking on fruit or dried fruit. I love the oatmeal kale cookies and and buckwheat grahams. You can dab some almond butter on the grahams for a tasty snack as well.

For dinner I had a french chicken dish with potatoes, quinoa and green beans. The chicken was fantastic and I loved the combination of all of the flavors. I loved the convenience (especially because I get so wiped out these days carrying the twins inside of me), the taste, the nutrition and the presentation. I felt like I was eating a gourmet meal for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The meals are currently delivered in Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn and the Bronx, Westchester County and Jersey City. I am pretty sure the gifts and cookies can be delivered anywhere, though I would have to check with Ashly.

One of my favorite things about Barley and Oats was learning more about micronutrients and how each one supports a different function in the body. On the outside of each box, is a little description of the main super star ingredient in the meal and what it does. For instance on the quinoa, beet and arugula salad the star is Vitamin A, which helps maintain healthy vision and immune function. It is vital to the development of your baby’s organs and bodily systems.

Barley and Oats is doing a special Thanksgiving Cleanse next week; it’s not a diet, just a lot of healthy, functional foods to keep your digestive system running top notch after too much pumpkin pie! Happy, healthy eating and good luck to all women out there in various stages of motherhood.





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