Back To School Yoga

It’s back to school time and this week is Timothy’s first week back as a 1st grader! He is growing up and is just the sweetest little boy. I love watching him learn new things; and challenge himself to be the best he can be. He loves practicing yoga with me lately and has even gone into a headstand (check out my instagram to see videos of him).

Our morning routine gets a little busier after the summer with getting him to school and me to work all while making sure the twins are set with our amazing nanny. I always do my meditation practice in the morning; but a full workout is not always possible. Instead, I just focus on a few yoga postures that help me feel strong, focused, flexible and ready to take on the day.

Back to school is an awesome time to focus on your yoga practice to help you prepare for the change of season and all that it entails. I often feel like it’s New Year’s Resolution time for Fall. Summer is all about fun and games, backbends, handstands and playing outside. It can be hard to focus and hone in on the more productive work mode that seems to hit hard come September.

It’s important to keep our hearts open and not fall into slouched shoulders and rounded forward posture. We also want to feed ourselves a very nourishing, grounding practice that can sustain us when the temps drop and the days get shorter.

Some of the below moves are great for back to school:

Childs Pose:

This pose not only stretches the back and shoulders; but also gives us a sense of shelter and self-care. Child’s Pose can feel protective and comforting. Sit back on your heels resting your forehead on the ground with arms outstretched or alongside the body. Close your eyes and notice a sense of relaxation and comfort.

Tree Pose

This pose creates a sense of grounding for yourself.  Tree helps to reestablish that presence in the body; the feeling of the ground beneath the feet.  The balance required in this pose also builds confidence and focus. It can be a very empowering pose; and it’s easy to do any time and any where.


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