Another C9 Giveaway–a $200 gift card this time!

Wow! I’m so thrilled by all of the great responses from last week’s C9 by Champion $100 gift card giveaway. Congrats to Desiree H. for being picked as the winner, I hope you get yourself an awesome new workout wardrobe. The contest was so well received that Target and C9 have offered me another gift card to giveaway and this time it’s for $200! They will pick a winner by the end of January.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA I recently wrote a blog for Target’s A Bullseye View about how easy the C9 collection is to wear from “running to running errands”. I can throw on my C9 black leggings and a pair of cute boots and look cute walking the streets of NYC. I practically live in my workout clothes–I’m either teaching, squeezing in a workout at home or just want to be comfortable while playing with Timothy all day long. I love being able to wear them for all of my activities.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA C9’s seamless bras are perfect for me right now especially because I am still nursing. They are supportive without being too constrictive and they are easy to slip open so I can feed baby Gray. I like the bright colors they come in to add a splash of fun under workout tops when I want to show them off. I can just as easily hide the streamlined bra under my nicer tops or sweaters as well.Β 

14632760_201307241446 I’d love to hear how you can make your workout clothes work for your daily life. Leave comments here about your creative ways of going from yoga class to lunch; or from playing with your toddler to a play date with other moms. I’m always looking for new ideas to make cute outfits out of my workout gear. One lucky winner will soon have $200 towards a new adorable C9 workout wardrobe. Good luck!


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85 thoughts on “Another C9 Giveaway–a $200 gift card this time!”

  • I live in my yoga leggings on the weekend, so that I can fit in a quick yoga session or walk whenever I feel like it! I love Target’s C9 line-such cute items:-)

  • I like wearing leggings and tshirts when I work out. I find that bringing a cardigan along to put over my tshirt can dress it up for other activities.

  • I love the C9 workout line – especially the yoga pants. I work from home and wear them all the time. I have 2 playful chocolate labs who loved taking walks – so I’m always dressed for those walks and then can easily switch to yoga time when I need some me-time!

  • I love Yoga pants and practically live in them so that I can strike a pose whenever i get some time .Some of the newer ones look good enough to wera to the store provided i wear a nice sweater over it!

  • I’m a huge fan of a short knit dress over yoga leggings with dressy boots for work, and a yoga pack ready with post work day comfy yoga top and downward dog appropriate bra to let me flow out of my desk job day and into my hello ‘glass ceiling’ I just broke through evening yoga class. Then onto greeting my family as soccer mom, 20 minute dinner cook extraordinaire and homework helper all in a day of blissful yoga attire transitions. A day in the life!

  • I think layering is a good idea to transition from a workout to running errands. Since I’m expecting and spend my days playing with a toddler, yoga pants and a cute casual top are my first pick for outfits!

  • I am a huge fan of C9 gear-they hold up thru washing several times a week. I love to wear mine when I am cleaning my house, ironing or cooking.

  • I live in workout clothes. They are functional, practical, and really cute these days. I hardly buy anything else unless I have to! Mine are always needing an update….wearing yoga pants today that are over 12 years old!!!

  • I am huge fan of Target’s C9 gear! Not only very affordable, stylish, and well made, but since I do my weekly grocery shopping at my local Super Target, I can easily keep my eye on the C9 section and grab the latest ‘must haves’. I do a lot of different activities, from hot yoga to weight lifting to aerobic classes plus I am a full-time work out of the home mom. I love the variety C9 offers and often throw a nice sweater and tall shiny boots over my C9 leggings, sports bra and tank top … from office to hot yoga easy-peasy! Throw my tennies in my gym bag and it is off to kickbox! Thank You Target and Kristin!

  • Leggings with a running skort (or skirt capris), tank top, sports bra, hoodie, & a puffer vest is my staple outfit for fitness/life wear. It goes absolutely everywhere and anywhere. I love a layered activewear outfit that I can feel just as good about running errands in as I can running on the treadmill or going to yoga class!

  • Oh my goodness I need that bra! I’m a very strange size… 32D so “real” bras that give me lift and put my boobs where they belong hurt after a few hours and normal sports bras don’t lift and separate even though they are so much more comfortable. This looks like just the ticket! Right now, with all this cold air, I wear workout clothes under my work clothes… haha! Yoga girl underneath…. Teacher for the final layer!

  • I change at work (Elementary school) into my workout clothes and having clothes that are stylish, comfortable, and appropriate are important to me. Leggings, tank tops, and long sleeved shirts make it easy to go from work to workout and then to pick up the kids all while looking and feeling good.

  • A lot of times I’m running from the gym to the nail salon or food store on weekends so I love pairing my black workout leggings with black flats or black boots and an oversized slouchy sweater. Add a long necklace and a cute headband and I’m ready to go from studio to street! I’ve heard great things about the C9 line but haven’t tried it yet.

  • I plan my workout outfit by what I have going on that day, I wear my nicer stuff when I have to go straight to class after and when I go from lass to practice I tend to wear spandex shorts under longer tights of pants and sports bras and tank tops under other shirts so I can make a quick change on the bus

  • Great giveaway! I am skilled at making my workout clothes work for my daily life. If I’m going right to a workout after work, I will wear my workout tank and legging-style yoga crops to the office. I make them look like “real clothes” by wearing a long cardigan over the workout tank and boots over the bottoms of the crops. No one ever knows I am wearing workout clothes!

  • I love wearing my workout pants as leggings!! I often add a pair of cute leg warmers with my boots to dress it up a little. I wear my work-out tank top under a sweater & then I just have to change my shoes & get started on a quick work-out. Or better yet just slip my shoes off & do a yoga video from my Kristin McGee app!!

  • I wear my yoga leggings and top under pants and a sweater for work. Then it’s a quick switch to yoga clothes for my after work class.

  • I love wearing my yoga pants and tank tops on the weekends, whether I am doing chores at home or out running errands. If I leave the house, I’ll throw on a sweater for a more complete look. I feel comfy, relaxed, stylish, and feminine when I am wearing them. I also find myself randomly stopping throughout the day to stretch when I am wearing my yoga pants, so I guess I’d have to say my yoga wardrobe is good for my health!

  • I’m obsessed with wearing my super comfy yoga pants and a longer form fitting tank on Saturday mornings for spin class-then I’ll throw on a bright colored crewneck or half zip pull over over top after it. In the summer, I’ll swap my sneakers for a pair of Jack Rogers sandals. It’s comfy, bright, and has great pops of color. It’s perfect because I can go from the gym to the grocery store without having to question if I look disheveled or not put together.

  • My yoga class is at 6 am. So its straight home to get kids off to school. From there I run errands or volunteer at the school. Sometimes I have time to change but usually I throw on a wrap or baggy shirt and that’s how I look for the day. I would love to spend 200.00 on new yoga clothing!!!!

  • LOL….I just throw my fabulous grey hoodie over everything. It’s long and just completes every outfit…especially workout clothes.

  • I love to use black yoga pants that will match just about any workout shirts I have, they have really cute workout tops at that also work for a regular shirt for everyday work wear!

  • I dress up my workout leggings with riding boots and throw a tunic-like sweater over my tank (which often functions as a needed warm layer in cold weather) if I’m going to the gym or a dance class after work. My outfit looks modern and no one is the wiser that I’m actually in comfy gym togs all day sometimes! I love wearing bright colored foundation garments (like sports tanks) under my winter clothes. It makes me feel like I’m a superhero – Presto! Change-o! I can swoop into my class straight from work, and because Im basically already dressed I can change in an area no bigger than a phone booth, in the blink of an eye!

  • I think that if you were to work out in this C9 by Champion Fashion Tee in Military Blue with Pink lining, and…
    wear these cute black C9 by Champion Women’s fitted Premium pants.

    Then, when you are finished.. whether or not you are going to hang out with friends for a lunch date, or go shopping afterwards at the mall, you could just add this cute jacket on top and make it a nice outfit:
    I would get it in pink, of course, to match the military blue with pink lining!
    Thank you for the chance!! This would be great to win!

  • I wear my workout clothing everyday, sometimes all day. They are so comfortable and easy to change the look to something that doesn’t look as if you just walked out of the gym. Layering always helps. Adding a jacket or cardigan, some boots or cute flats and changing my hat or hair ties. Also a pop of color helps since a lot of my workout gear is black.

  • I wear my workout clothes to class because I take a yoga/pilates/kickboxing class during my lunch break & have no time to change. My yoga pants are thick (i.e. opaque) enough to be acceptable for school & if I need to cover up on top, I wear a comfy sweatshirt.

  • I wear workout clothes everywhere.Sometimes I layer them if it’s cold or bring an extra shirt to change into in case I have to go somewhere else.If I plan on doing different types of workouts,I’ll bring different sets of workout clothes with me to the gym.

  • I just bring a new shirt with me – something nice and long (kinda like a shirt dress) and put it over my black workout pants and they look like black tights

  • I love my colorful sports bralettes to peek out under a V-neck or a loose sweater and add color to my outfit. I wear my yoga pants with slippers around the house, then throw on my tall boots to head out to the bus stop or go shopping this winter. They look great with a tunic sweater and belt, or a T-shirt and jacket. In the summer, I garden in my sports bra and running shorts after I run and catch a few rays! Then I can shower off all the sweat AND dirt at once πŸ™‚

  • i am a huge fan of open , flowing cardigans with leggings . The cardigan can be taken off during workouts and then put on to run around. Also can throw on a belt over it too

  • I make my workout clothes work for my daily life by putting them on in the moring doing household chores, then exercising in them and then changing if I plan to go out.

  • When its time to clean house I put on yoga pants and makes cleaning easier. Being able to totally get into it and be totally comfortable at the same time is great.

  • Yoga pants and tank tops are perfect to wear while doing house chores and If I have to do a quick errand to the store then I just layer a shirt or put on a light jacket and I’m good to go

  • I love wearing workout clothes JUST as much as everyone else, but sometimes I feel “too comfortable”, if you know what I mean. πŸ˜€ So to spice up my basic black running/yoga tights, I’ll wear bright colored jackets or a fun printed tank underneath. I find this changes my mood, making me feel more awake & happy. Throw on some lip gloss, and I’m good to go! It’s the little things…

  • I also wear my workout clothes under my work clothes now that its so cold. My running leggings work perfect. I also find them comfortable to sleep in and makes it easier to just get up and hop on the treadmill. I haven’t had an opportunity to wear mine out of the house yet as i just lost 40 pounds and can now wear ladies sizes. I will be reading on to get some tips. Thanks!

  • Yoga pant is my #1 choice especially is from Target. Target have the lowest price because it price match the lowest retailer you find. I wear yoga pant almost everyday,since I am a homemaker, I need to wear something comfortable and affordable. Target clothes are my choice because I will go for best bank the buck.

  • I really like to wear yoga pants and a cute matching t-shirt to work out in. I then, just change my shirt in case it is sweaty and just keep wearing the yoga pants. I will then play with my grandkids, do errands, or meet someone for lunch. I would do all of these things in my new C9 Champion black pants!
    This is a great giveaway. Thank you and Target very much.

  • Black leggings are easy to workout in and then dress up! Just throw on a longer jacket or tunic over your workout top and you’re good to go!

  • I have a couple of pair of black C9 pants that I live in when I’m at home. They have so many cute tops and jackets in the line now you really can make an outfit out of their clothes. A lot of the yoga inspired pieces are just cute casual wear!

  • I have 2 toddlers, and I run a business from home. So I tend to live in workout wear. My staple pieces are leggings and yoga pants with tanks and tees that I can easily throw a sweater or coat over and look fine for going out to run errands or for a quick bite. Thank you for the amazing giveaway!
    fairyfractal at gmail dot com

  • I have several cycling skorts that are a great solution for transitioning from workout to daily life. I love that they are stylish and functional.

  • I work in a conservative law office and am dressed up all day, so no way to wear any workout clothes at the office. Well, maybe the bra….

  • I buy brightly colored yoga leggings and I think they are cute paired with neutral tunics, something that can either be thrown on over a workout tank or that can be worn by itself


  • I love the C9 line since I can wear yoga leggings, a performance tank, hoodie, and sneakers to the gym, then ditch the hoodie, add a cardigan and boots and I’m ready to grab coffee and run around town.

  • Black Yoga pants are fabulous can go from casual look with a blouse and tank underneath it to working out just switch to the tank and your all set.

  • It is hard because I go from the gym to the office & it’s impossible to make workout gear work for the office. But I have been known to pick my cutest workout gear for the weekends so I can go straight to the grocery store or to get a coffee afterwards

  • I love wearing black yoga pants with a bright colored fitted zip up sweatshirt. It may not be the fanciest, but the bright color and fitted top makes it look good! Also, a cut pair of earrings and makeup help the look.

  • I love to go right from the gym, to preschool to drop my son off, to errands, and back to the preschool to pick my son up….SO it is important that my gym clothes look nice! I like coordination pieces, and often add a jacket or sweatshirt on top.

    Thanks for the chance to win!
    wildorchid985 at gmail dot com

  • I only work outside the home one day a week so like most of the commenters, I am rocking the yoga pants pretty much 24/7. If I have to run errands or meet a friend, I might throw a cropped sweater over a tank to add some layers.

  • I like wear on a comfy sweater or long tunic over my leggings, and quickly accessorize with a necklace or pair of earrings.

  • Yoga clothes are the easiest to transition from studio to life. I wear yoga capris and tee shirts. If I wear a yoga top/tank, I usually thrown on a lightweight jacket over it.

  • I adore the workout clothes especially the yoga pants. I know these are for workouts but goofness the look good enough to wear out of the house. Comfort and class in one package!

  • i always wear either yoga pants or sweats unless i go out then i wear jeans. most of the time im always in my workout clothes so i can squeeze in small workouts during the day.

  • I love comfy clothes so yoga clothes are right up my alley πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ Easy transition for wearing them out of the house (lol) to the store, etc would be to add a vest or jacket so that it’s more “presentable”.

  • Who says that workout clothes need to only be for working out? There are some really cute and comfortable pieces and I wear them all the time. I practically live in my yoga pants – they are great for working out w/ some sneakers but put on a pair of boots and you have a really fashionable look especially when paired with a nicer top. If I have errands to run or someplace to be and don’t have time to change into workout gear afterwards, I often will wear at least part of my workout outfit out for the day…so easy and convenient.

  • Throw on a matching jacket or cute t over my yoga pants and workout tank and I am good to go just about anywhere! C9 is a really cute collection!

  • I steal my boyfriend’s shirts or sweaters to wear with leggings or yoga pants since it’s frigid now – I have to keep warm and keep my bum covered! Plus, since I don’t have to wear functional sneakers to go to yoga or barre class, I like to wear statement shoes to bring the outfit together and pull off the I-came-from-the-gym-but-you-can-only-sort-of-tell look.

  • I normally just wear a sports bra under my clothes, and change into the rest once I get to the work out venue. But some of these tips are great! πŸ™‚

  • I keep my leggings and throw on an oversized sweater that keeps me cozy in this super cold weather, and looks great πŸ™‚

  • I usually wear jogging shorts and a WVU t shirt. I do errands in them, too.
    I would like to buy some new C9 by Champion at Target running shorts.
    My wife is pregnant, so I would buy her some new capri pants. She can wear capri pants to meet friends, to shop, to run, to walk with me around the golf courses near our apartment, etc.

  • I love pairing a loose fitting shirt with a boat neck with a tank underneath! It looks feminine and casual. Pair that with some leggings and you look like you’re running errands, and can transition easily into your workout!

  • Stylish and comfortable workout clothes make me WANT to exercise. Moisture wicking fabrics make it so that I don’t have to rush home to shower and change after my sweat sessions. That way, I can run errands or grab coffee with girlfriends afterwards straight from my workout giving me some semblance of balance in my life.

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