Anoona Baby Carrier Review

I recently received the AnoonA soulsling baby carrier and I really like it! The color, fabric and fit are all great. Since having the twins, I’ve been obsessed with carriers and slings. I started out with a double carrier I could put both boys in; but it was only good up until they were about 3 months. I also have a double carrier where one boy can ride on front and the other on back. I use that sometimes; but it’s hard to load them both on my own.

Lately, I find I often prefer to just wear one boy at once and push the other in the stroller. When I’m at the park or playground it’s always great to have the option of a carrier if one boy falls asleep in the stroller, I’ll wear the other and play with Timothy. If one gets super fussy as I’m pushing them home, I can just quickly pop him in the carrier to calm him down.

When I’m at home and need my hands free, I also like to wear a boy while the other one plays in the jumperoo or on the floor. Then I can alternate them too. I even find I can work out with one of the boys on me; or have one in the carrier and also hold the other one at the same time (this works great at bath time). I couldn’t live without a good carrier that’s for sure.

AnoonA is translated as “one without flaws”. It is a complete carrier that’s great for babies up to toddlers. It offers five carry options–newborn, front, front facing out, hip and back carries. It also offers the option of crossed or straight shoulder straps. It has a fully adjustable panel that’s easy to use and the perfect support for my boys as they grow. There’s a pocket on the waistband which I really love to stash a metro card, keys and some cash. It also has a removable hood.

I like that the AnoonA is ethically made by Soul in Bangalore, India. I chose the cotton AnoonA leaf in rich forest green (my favorite color). I find for the most part my William and Robert both like to face me at this point; but I will play around with different ways to carry them soon enough. I will definitely be wearing one boy in my AnoonA when we fly home to Idaho so I can push the other in the car seat snap and go.

What is your favorite carrier? I would love to know in the comments below!


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One thought on “Anoona Baby Carrier Review”

  • Whaddya know! I actually got a Forest Green Anoona from Soul Slings for Green Child’s babywearing feature. I also got their Onbuhimo carrier and I am COMPLETELY infatuated with it.

    I’m working on writing a detailed review of these carriers, and I got some great details from Sunayana of Soul Slings which moms will LOVE to hear.

    (1) The employees in manufacturing are consists of almost all working mothers. Many of them are single mothers or the only source of income for their families. Three cheers for Soul helping women and families!
    (2) Their ikat fabrics are handwoven and they are specially made with high-quality and baby-safe dyes (unlike the average ikat fabrics from India). Some of their other fabrics are produced by weaving cooperatives and non-profit organizations. Power to the people!
    (3) Soul put together India’s first ever babywearing certification course. Hello education and opportunity!

    They’re a really great company for many different reasons. I can’t say that I find the Anoona to be as comfortable as Ergo or Tula, but I’m 24 weeks pregnant and have extra-wide hips and easily-annoyed shoulders. I also need to play around with the adjustrable strap settings and figure out which is best for my body and my 18 month old. The onbuhimo has been amazing though.

    Also, there’s just something about those Soul Sling carriers. The feel of the fabric, the colors, the design… And the carriers themselves just have this energy that warms your heart. My Tula and Ergo don’t give me that same feeling. That there tells me that there is some powerful positive energy behind Soul Slings and their business and production practices. I love that. Needless to say, I’m a Soul Slings fan. 🙂

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