AMRAP Protein Bars: Delicious *and* Healthy (giveaway info inside)!

Another giveaway! Click here to enter and win!
Another giveaway! Click here to enter and win!

Have you gone down the protein bar aisle at your local grocery store lately? Each bar claims that it is the healthiest, most tasty, morsel you will ever eat. Now, I have had many a protein bar, and not all are nearly as delicious as their marketing team would like you to think.

That being said, AMRAP Protein Bars are actually kind of delicious AND they’re Paleo! I especially loved the Vanilla Cashew flavor! It tasted great and kept me full for hours.

Buzzword alert! I said Paleo. The Paleo Diet might sound like just another craze to you – something many individuals and athletes (the Crossfit community seems to be loving this diet!) are following. If you know me, you know I am not one to subscribe to one particular diet. I believe that many diets give us good core ideas when it comes to healthy eating. There is a lot to learn from the Paleo diet. For starters, Paleo comes from the Paleoithic Era, which basically means you eat like a cavewoman.

Sounds glamorous, huh?

Eating like a cavewoman may seem a little barbaric, but the idea is that you eat simpler. Rather than eating all the chemicals and sugars that are added into so many of our foods; you eat whole, natural foods. Think: fresh veggies, legumes, meats, and healthy fats. Paleo stresses the importance of having a well-balanced diet with lots of vitamins and minerals. Following the Paleo Diet could result in, weight loss, decreased chance of heart disease & type II diabetes, improved athletic performance, and even an increased libido!


The Paleo Diet is similar to a clean eating plan because this diet requires a LOT of fresh food; for these reasons, it gets a reputation for seeming elitist. Because really, who has the money to buy loads of fresh veggies all the time? And, even if you do have the money, who has the time to be preparing snacks and meals that incorporate non-starchy vegetables and fruits, good fats, and lean protein three times per day for the rest of your life? I know, as a working mom, this is a tall order.

That’s why AMRAP bars are so convenient! The AMRAP Protein Bars are a grab and go item that fits the bill when it comes to Paleo and satisfies our inner cavewoman’s urge for a simpler nutrition plan. They are more pricy than many of the protein bars you find at the grocery store, but, unlike the cheaper bars, they are a whole food – that is, they’re not chock full of chemicals and sugar.

Click here to enter my contest and maybe you will be one of the three lucky readers to win a free 8-pack of AMRAP bars (you pick the flavor) and you can let me know what you think! 

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