Align with your Chakras! New EQ yoga mat & giveaway

Align with your Chakras! New EQ yoga mat & giveaway

One of the main goals of a yoga practice is find our center and feel a sense of our midline. The ancient yogi’s believed we had a center channel of energy, called the sushumna channel, and along this imaginary plum line were 7 major chakras or energy centers. There are thousands of chakras throughout the body; but the main 7 line up from our tail to our crown.

I really think these yogis were on to something. Our bodies are energy; and when we move, breathe, eat, practice yoga, etc., we are moving that energy around in certain ways that affect every aspect of our life. Tapping in to our chakras; or feeling that line of energy in our spine, is a wonderful way to balance ourselves out and connect to areas we often ignore or feel stagnant in.

The first chakra is the root chakra, it’s color is red and it’s located at the base of our spine at our tail bone. It represents survival and stability. The next chakra, at the sacrum, is orange, it helps us develop a sense of connection with ourselves. The third chakra, is at the solar plexus, it is imaged as yellow and it helps us connect to others. The fourth chakra, is our heart chakra, our ability to give and receive love unconditionally–it’s my favorite color, green. The fifth chakra is blue in color located at the throat and it is related to communication. The sixth chakra is at our third eye and it’s color is indigo. The sixth chakra helps us tap in to our own sense of intuition and develop trust in ourselves. The final chakra is at our crown, usually associated with violet or purple. The crown chakra opens us up to our infinite potential and to receiving the gifts of the universe.

Our imagination is a very powerful tool. Playing with the imagery of the chakras can be a really creative, fun way to explore your body and mind. You can use chakra mediation sitting with eyes closed, or while practicing yoga, to help unblock certain areas in your body and life, or heighten areas you want to grow in.

I was recently sent a really cool mat made by EQ Love. The mats are made from a new foam technology that contains no latex, PVC or rubber, helps prevent slipping and absorption of fluids, and provides great traction. The mat is black and the design features the 7 chakras, with an EQ hologram (containing EQ’s negative ions) centered on the 3rd chakra to help us yogis tap in to our creative expression when we practice. I love the flip side lavender color too! The mat comes with an organic cotton shoulder bag in blue or pink.

EQ-Love has an additional mat they’d love to gift to one of my students. Send me a message here or on FB or Twitter; and follow EQ and like EQ to enter to win!

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27 thoughts on “Align with your Chakras! New EQ yoga mat & giveaway”

  • I am following @WeloveEQ and @thebendigirl as @eyewonit and am a fan of both on Facebook as Nancy Reid and would love to
    have the chakra mat to use for my yoga practice and stretch classes. I love the idea that this mat does not contain no latex, PVC or rubber. Keep it pure! Namaste!

    • You’re welcome Kristy–good luck! The giveaway will run this week then EQ will pick a winner. Keep tweeting to myself @thebendigirl and @EQlove for more chances!

  • I’m new to yoga. Just a week and a half in. I got to your blog on my iPad through ziti. Thanks for an informative site. If I don’t win, what would you suggest for a starter mat that’s not too pricey? I am an educator who needs serious stress relief and I am enjoying the yoga; especially the breathing.

    • I’m so happy you are discovering yoga! I LOVE the breathing too and find it so important for stress relief. There are many many good starter mats out there that aren’t costly at all. If you go to a site like you can choose mats as inexpensive at $15. My suggestion with the lower priced ones is to wash them in the washer and then hang dry to make them less slippery!

  • Hi Kristin,
    You know I’m a fan of you and your yoga and pilates classes/dvds!! Would love to exchange my old and heavily used yoga mat with a new one (especially one that looks this great!)
    not sure if people abroad are eligible though…

      • You are definitely a person who deserves all the support she can get!!! 🙂 after my vacation I will resume my pilates and yoga workouts! Bit difficult on a trailer and not so good weather conditions 😉 can’t wait <3

    • Awesome that you do my DVDs 5 days a week! Thanks so much for entering the contest. I’ll let you know at the end of the week when EQ picks a winner.

  • Thank you so much everyone for entering and commenting here–I really appreciate your support and enthusiasm. I’ll keep running more contests!
    Have a great weekend!!!

  • Saw the contest in time and entered my 50 words. Yoga has sent my life in a great direction for the past 28 years and I intend to do it for 28+ more. Please enter me in the mat give away. Thanks.

  • Hey! I LOVE yoga I’ve been into it for about 5years now. Just had my second daughter and now I’m back at it (took a little brake in my third trimester lol) but I would love to win this beautiful mat. My darn cat actually just clawed up mine. I’m new to twitter but I think I did it right I just figured out what RT means lol! Hope you have a blessed day;) your awesome btw …love ur DVDs!!

  • Hello Kristen, you were my first experience to yoga throu mtv yoga dvd and still do them to this day. I appreciate your innovative, simple, and clear approach to yoga. I hope I can come to nyc to take one of your classes soon. Thanks for posting this give away, I would love a new mat for my practice, thanks again! Aaron

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