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I wasn’t really picky about what skin/haircare products I used before I had my baby, but once I had Timothy, I started to become ultra aware of everything I was putting into and onto my body. Everything I ingest is now passed to him either through breast feeding, or touch. I have to be careful that the lotion I use won’t irritate his skin and I’d like to keep Timothy away from unneeded chemicals for as long as possible.

When Alaffia sent me their skin and hair care products I was excited to try them! For those of you who have not heard of Alaffia – they are make fair trade, sustainable products from natural raw ingredients.

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Alaffia was founded in 2003 by Olowo-n’djo Tchala as means to alleviate poverty and advance gender equality in Togo, West Africa. At least 10% of sales from the finished products are returned to West Africa to fund Community Empowerment Projects aimed at alleviating poverty by improving education and gender equality, and reducing the effects of climate change. The story of how Alaffia came to be is actually really heart warming; if you have a few minutes I recommend watching their short video (hint: it includes a love story!):

The dark color of the black soap was a bit intimidating at first, but I try to “not judge a book by it’s cover.” I didn’t have very high expectations just because I had never heard of Alaffia, but I was completely blown away (in a good way)! The black soap, which can be used for both body AND hair, actually left my hair feeling really soft! It had a nice subtle, not overpowering scent to it too. I’m also a big fan of the EveryDay Cocounut Body Lotion. It also has a great subtle coconut smell. I feel like products made with Shea Butter often leaves a sticky film on my skin, but this lotion didn’t leave any sticky feeling and moisturizes nicely.

Alaffia has been kind enough to donated an amazing gift basket, worth $100, filled with an assortment of their EveryDay Coconut products, available in Target, Whole Foods and other retailers. The basket includes EveryDay Coconut Body Wash, Lotion, Shampoo, Conditioner and lip balm. The basket also includes two additional favorites in EveryDay Shea Bubble Bath and Authentic African Black Soap. Each of these products balances science with tradition to holistically benefit your body, communities and the environment.

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To enter to win this generous gift basket, Tweet about the giveaway, and/or leave a blog comment! Each action will give you an additional entry. I will announce the winner next Thursday June 19th – Good luck!!! a Rafflecoptergiveaway

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64 thoughts on “Alaffia Skincare Giveaway!”

  • I used to buy handmade african black soap and it cleared up my acne so quickly! The place I bought it from closed, so Ive been looking for a new source.

  • Hi Kristin,
    What a lovely give away. My very hard working mother who runs her own landscaping business just adores Alaffia products, and has found wonderful results in their natural facial skincare and shea butter luxury to restore and soften skin exposed to the outdoor elements. If I win the gift basket will be a pay-it-forward to her.
    All the best

  • What a fantastic giveaway, Kristin! I have been so curious about what products are safest for Baby Claire and I just don’t feel knowledgeable. I would love to try out Alaffia ! So great to learn about it from you! Per usual, your blogs are helpful and fun to read. Excited to enter the contest! xoxo

  • I like to use natural & fair trade products because I do not care to expose myself or my family to toxic chemicals if I can avoid it. I also buy fair trade as much as I can. For myself reading ingredient labels started when my child was diagnosed with a food allergy and then all the label reading began.

  • I like to use natural and fair trade products because I know what I am getting and I know that the workers are being treated fairly!

  • I love to use natural products because I’m a lot more conscious of the products I put on my body these days. Ten years ago I never knew that what I use on my skin would affect my health just like the things I eat.

  • Using my purchasing power to support my values is an easy way for me to make a difference, without adding to my information overload. I look for products with ingredients I can identify, made by companies that value the human factor, to reduce my exposure to toxins while supporting a sustainable human spirit.

  • I have been using Alaffia products for about six months and every time I find a new one, I love it more than the last product I tried. I have turned my family into addicts and our skin and hair are so much better for it! Add to that all the good the company does for women, I could not be more pleased!

  • I use natural and fair trade products because I want to know that what I am putting in and on my skin is safe and nourishing. I also like knowing my purchases are not harmful for the environment, and are part of a system that supports greater equality in international trade.

  • Hello! For some reason my twitter account isn’t letting me share this, but I am SO excited to use this on my baby when he is born and hope my little family is blessed to win this! What an amazing offer you are sharing with others, especially Mommy’s who are concerned like you are! Thank you!

  • I love coconut!! and coconut products!! and I love fair trade and supporting the workers who make these products ~ especially when workers are living in areas where decent work is hard to find ~ it makes such a huge impact on their whole family and community!!

  • I love the products of theirs I have tried so far. I currently have a conditioner and shampoo, and it will last me so many months, even when my hair was down to my butt!

  • I love Alaffia products! I got my husband using the Everyday Shea unscented body lotion, I use the bubble bath, body wash, and lotion on my daughter, and I love the body washes and lotions too. Can’t get enough.

  • My budget really loves the multiple uses of natural products. For example, I use Coconut Oil for cooking, moisturizing my skin and conditioning my hair.

  • I hope I never have to find another company to buy my soaps and products from. These have met all my requirements: affordable, natural, fair trade/gives back to communties, & works wonders with my tricky combination skin and my willful hair! Don’t ever go out of business and keep up the amazing work and fighting the good fight! These products and companies help me to see a bright and healthy future ahead!

  • I have been stocking up on Alaffia products to send off with my kids to college. I love their natural ingredients and the fact that they are Fair Trade. It is nice to see who benefits by my purchases.

  • I love using natural and organic and especially fair trade products because it’s a win win for the earth, for my family, for my body, for the often small family businesses and foreign tradespeople who make these wonderful and unique products.

  • I first learned of Alaffia through a co-worker, and ended up touring Alaffia’s workspace in Olympia, WA several years ago. I immediately fell in love with their mission and their products. I can’t think of a company that’s more worth supporting than Alaffia! I’ve gifted their products to friends and family, and they NEVER disappoint.

  • I went natural 5 years ago because I got sick. I started doing a lot of research about my illness and somehow got reading about chemicals and artificial ingredients and how unhealthy they are. While being green doesn’t make my illness go away I do like the fact that I know everything that goes onto my skin and body. I’m also a strong believer that products shouldn’t be tested on our furry friends and most natural products are cruelty free which is wonderful!

  • Why I use natural and fair trade products is it is the right thing to do for all people , animals and the planet. We all win.

  • I love Alaffia because I care about fair trade, human rights, and dignity for all living with finite resources.

  • I love Alaffia’s products and the company as a whole. All of their bodycare products have a short list of natural ingredients and they do wonderful things for many women in this world!

  • Alaffia is one of the few brands that I return to for natural products that do not disappoint me or my sensitive skin.

  • I’ve always been conscious, but once I had children it really kicked into overdrive. I want to give them the best start I can and educate them at the same time. I love the Alaffia bubble baths for my kids 🙂

  • I love Alaffia! I use the Everyday Shea calming lemon lavender wash for my baby boy & simply love the wash & it’s amazing scent. Would love to have & explore more Alaffia in our home!

  • Alaffia brand has always been something I heard lots of good things about. It’s ethical and is gentel to the skin.

  • I like to use fair trade and natural products because I am trying to be more aware of what my family consumes and uses.

  • I would love to win these products. I’ve been longing to try these products. I’m very wary of using products filled with chemicals on my skin.

  • Funny about how having kids makes you look at everything different. We did a total overhaul on all our products when my kids were toddlers.

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