Aera For Home: Forest Therapy

I love the smell of a fresh, welcoming home. Every time I walk through the door, my Aera For Home diffuser fills the air with a beautiful calm scent. I can set the diffuser from my cell phone so that it turns on a few minutes before I walk in the door. The smell is subtle and perfect, not overpowering at all.

I love to switch out the fragrances depending on my mood. One of my favorite scents is linen, it’s such a great clean smelling scent (especially nice with three messy boys). My newest favorite scent is the Forest Therapy that was just released.

Why Aera For Home?

I’ve always been into nice scents and love when my house smells good. I had a favorite yoga teacher say, “if you want to make your guests feel warm and welcome bake cookies as they walk in the door; if you want to turn them away burn fish in the oven.” It is so true! A good scent can put you in the best mood.

I think candles can smell nice, but it makes me nervous lighting them around my young boys. I also feel like you can’t control the scent of a candle. The Aera For Home is perfect for my home and family. It is so simple to use, just plug it in, put in a capsule, and breathe deeply.  My favorite part about Aera For Home is how sleek it looks in my house. It fits in so well, friends only notice the amazing scent then realize where it’s coming from. I love the aromatherapy collection and love to choose a scent when I practice yoga or sit for meditation as well.

Forest Therapy Fragrance

Forest Therapy fragrance is my newest edition to the aromatherapy collection and I love it! Forests and nature are so grounding, the scent helps me breathe in calm and exhale joy during my morning yoga and meditations.

The Forest Therapy scent is a therapy for the soul and the best I can get to being on a hike in my home state of Idaho. Pink pepper for nurturing, cypress to add the sense of soothing and ho wood for cleansing are all the ingredients that come together to form this soul shifting scent.

The Forest Therapy scent really creates a space that is inviting. It helps me feels refreshed each and every day; and  I can enjoy it with my boys as well.

Benefits of the Aromatherapy Collection

There are so many benefits to the aromatherapy collection, aside from the fact that they are all amazing scents. Some benefits include:

  • Fully adjustable settings (1-10) to ensure a scent experience perfectly tailored to your home.
  • 100% pure fragrance, no heat, propellants, VOCs, or any other harmful chemicals.
  • All scents are child and pet-friendly.
  • You can control the scent anytime, from anywhere with the AeraForHome app for iPhone and Android.
  • You can schedule scents to turn on at a specific time for sleep/wake-up.
  • Each fragrance capsule can fill a room with a consistent scent for 800 hours on average.

If you haven’t tried the Forest scent on your Aera For Home yet I highly suggest it, and if you don’t have an Aera For Home diffuser, you need to get one!!! Use code KRISTIN20 for 20% off diffusers through July 15.

I love products that can be a part of my wellness routine and lifestyle: this is definitely one I would add to my top faves.

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