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Put all your candles and plug-in fresheners away, Aera For Home has changed the game for home fragrance. Aera For Home is a new innovative device that gives your space a great calming and refreshing scent. Aera can be controlled by an app right from your phone, it is hypoallergenic and sustainable, and each capsule lasts for approximately five hundred hours.

The Aera For Home aromatherapy collection is my favorite. Each scent helps in different ways. I love to use them when I meditate or practice yoga or put my boys to bed at night. The diffuser has fully adjustable settings (1-10) to ensure a scent experience perfectly tailored to your preference/home. Aera is pet and child-friendly, a huge MUST in my household with three boys. I’ve listed some different scent options below. You can also visit Aera FOR Home to find out more on their website.

Deep Relax

The deep relax scent is the perfect pairing with some night time yoga. The scent includes ingredients such as sandalwood, vetiver, and chamomile, ingredients known to be grounding, soothing and comforting. The Deep Relax scent can easily be part of your nighttime routine; and even help those who struggle with sleep, have an overactive mind or suffer from night-time anxiety. All of the scents are 100% pure essential oil blends – it’s clean and hypoallergenic, there’s no mixing, heating or cleaning which is an added benefit when breathing this relaxing scent in.

The perfect before bed pose to practice with this calming fragrance is the reclined goddess. Goddess pose can reduce tension in the legs and hips, and calm the parasympathetic nervous system. Practicing goddess pose for five minutes before bed hopefully allows your body to fall asleep easier and let go of the day’s worries. Pairing goddess pose and the deep relax scent will ensure the perfect night’s sleep.

Support Breathe

Support Breathe scent is the perfect blend of tea tree, pine, and eucalyptus for a refreshing, clean feel in your home or office. I love this blend when I need a few minutes to really clear my head and set my intentions for the week. Support breathe scent is also nice when you’re feeling overwhelmed and stressed out.

Pairing Child’s Pose with Support Breathe scent is a nice combo since a child’s pose can also help reduce stress and fatigue. Support breathe scent can help you feel more empowered with its complex blend of head-clearing aromas. Try it with chid’s pose or any yoga posture that turns your attention in the ward so then you can be ready to conquer all your goals calmly and collected.

Revive Morning

Almost everyone needs a little extra boost in the morning. As a mom of three active boys, I sure do. Revive morning is formed with juniper berries, grapefruit, and rosemary all known to be enlivening, stimulating and invigorating. If you’re just waking up and have other things to do first, you can control scenting anytime, from anywhere with the AeraforHome app for iPhone and Android that will allow you to adjust the scent from your bed so it’s ready for when you get up!

The perfect pose to combine with Revive Morning scent is chair pose.  Chair pose activates your core and hips while opening up your shoulders and chest, and gets your body feeling energized for the day. Waking up and stretching your shoulders and the chest while breathing in a refreshing morning scent is the perfect combo to start your day.

Revive morning brings on the positive vibes to your environment, brightens your space and energizes you to get moving.

De-Stress Mind

De-Stress Mind is all about relaxing and being at peace. The de-stressing fragrance creates a peaceful place where you can be truly present to work, relax or play, which I make sure to do every day.

Taking a simple cross-legged seat for 5 minutes while breathing in de-stress mind scent, is the perfect solution to beating stress. Breathing in chamomile and petitgrain while sitting upright will calm the mind and ease anxiety. Now is also the perfect time to do some meditation.

Try using the diffuser while practicing yoga and meditation and see if it sets a new tone while you move. Our sense of smell can do so much for the nervous system and it’s always nice to breathe in something that smells good.

Next time you’re thinking about what to gift someone for their birthday or a holiday, pick out your favorite Aera For Home scent for them!

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