Advanced Athletics High Performance Protein Bars & Chance to Try Some for FREE!

AA-DisplayswithBars-1-FB Advanced Athletics is one of my new favorite protein bars! I think it’s the perfect blend between muscle builder bar (for those looking for a high protein post workout replacement meal) and holistic wellness bar (for those concerned with all natural ingredients, high quality fiber and low sugar). I think both my jock athlete friends and my all natural yogi friends will love these.

Advanced Athletics is the first bar I’ve seen made with whey protein sourced from grass fed cows. It comes in 2 delicious flavors Power Pumpkin and Champion Chocolate. I flipped over the chocolate when I first had it after a strength training session, it was amazing. I had the pumpkin after a barre workout a few days later and expected to find a bit more cinnamon flavor to it (I’m a huge cinnamon girl!); but I found it very tasty as well. I spoke with the founder, Adam Friedman, and he was so cool and open to my suggestions. He said they are constantly tweaking the flavors and recipes to make sure they create the best tasting, most effective bar on the market.

AA bars One of the great things about the bar, is that it comes in two portions. You can eat both at once or eat one and save the other for later depending on how much activity you’re expending or how hungry you are. Some of my clients are working mothers, bankers, actors, etc. who need a good high quality snack; but aren’t necessarily working out like a high performance athlete. I tell them to have one square mid morning and the other mid afternoon to keep their blood sugar level and to get a steady supply of protein, healthy fats and carbs in between meals.

choc-ing The Advanced Athletics High Performance Protein Bar is formulated by athletes and for athletes so they can achieve peak performance. For all of the pro athletes I know and for the top trainers at the gyms I work with, this is really an ideal bar. Only the purest all natural organic ingredient are used. I love that coconut oil (which is all the rave right now) and freeze dried Acai powder are in Advanced Athletics bars.

Weather you are a weekend warrior, a 3-4 times a week workout guy or gal or an athlete gearing up for a race or big event, you should try Advanced Athletics! You have the opportunity to win a package of Advanced Athletics bars by liking them on FB and mentioning why you think they would be great for you. Make sure to also follow them on Twitter and tweet there too. Please tag me in your FB and twitter posts so I know! You have up until Valentine’s day when we’ll announce the winner. It’s a great opportunity for you to win a sweet healthy treat for you and your Valentine–you can each have a square then head out for a fun athletic activity together. Those who play together, stay together!

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3 thoughts on “Advanced Athletics High Performance Protein Bars & Chance to Try Some for FREE!”

  • I love your reviews! I always learn about such amazing new products from you. I am always on the lookout for new bars and convenient snacks…I am so busy. Between running around a 4 year old, building my business, working on my nonprofit and trying to fit in a workout…I need healthy snacks that I can just open and enjoy. I will have to try these. Thanks Kristin for sharing.

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