A very special Birthday Gift

A very special Birthday Gift

Sometimes the greatest gifts, really do come in small packages. I remember as a young girl, I always loved going to my friend’s birthday parties and picking out just the right thing for each little girlfriend of mine. It didn’t have to cost much, it was the thought that went in to each gift that was important. I had more fun buying and giving presents than receiving them.

As adults, it’s rare that we give each other birthday presents. I’ve noticed as I get older, even with my siblings, we tend to tell each other that anything we really need we’ll just buy for ourselves. Or so often, I can’t even think of anything that I want as a gift. So when a present comes unexpectedly, it feels so good!

Two weeks ago after teaching my Friday morning yoga class, one of my yoga students and dear friends gave me a very special bracelet with a print out about the bracelet and how it was made. I love it and haven’t taken it off since. When I did some more research on the bracelet, I discovered it is truly a gift that keeps on giving.

Lily and Laura beaded bracelets are handcrafted by village women in Nepal. Each one is hand crocheted bead by bead by the women in the Kathmandu Valley; and proceeds from each purchase go to improving the lives of these women and their families. The bracelets stretch and roll right over the hand so they fit any wrist and are so easy to take on and off.

My Lily and Laura bracelet is made with green (my favorite color) and blue beads. It is so cheerful and grounding, and it feels natural on my wrist. I am so thankful for such wonderful, thoughtful friends. Thank you Susan for the special Birthday bracelet and for being so supportive.

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