A meal to remember!

A few weekends ago a dear friend of mine and fellow yogini, Michelle, invited my husband and I over for dinner. New York City is the mecca for amazing food; and most often we meet friends and other couples out at a restaurant. Cozying up in someone’s apartment gave us the opportunity to sit around and talk for as long as we wanted to, and savor our delicious meal. Wow! What a meal we had.

Michelle hired an incredible chef from www.kitchensurfing.com named Michael Patlazhan. His food was a work of art. After we mingled by the fireplace and had cocktails, we all sat down around the dining table. We had so much fun talking up a storm, I forgot how hungry I was. When the first dish arrived, it was so beautiful, I was afraid to dig in though. Once I took my first spoonful of the creamy cold soup, I was in heaven. I think this was one of my favorites of the evening. I just loved the chilled corn chowder and the yuzu encapsulation was a burst of flavor explosion in my mouth. Jonathan, Michelle’s fiancée, served a bottle of  incredible, crisp, white French Bordeaux with this course.

1st course: Chilled Corn Soup, Coconut Noodles, Yuzu Encapsulation, Buttermilk Snow, Chili Powder, Corn Shoots 

Our next course was an amazing pasta. When Tim and I were on our honeymoon in Positano, we had some of the best homemade pasta ever. The homemade mushroom pasta Michael served us reminded me of Italy right away, it had the same incredible texture and a rich but not heavy taste. The mushroom chips were to die for! I love mushrooms, this dish was right up my alley….I wanted to lick the bowl. A rich, buttery California Chardonnay complemented the pasta perfectly.
2nd course: Home Made malloreddus pasta, Pine Nut Parline, Wild Mushroom Confit, Mushroom Paper, 
Mushroom Chips, Yuzu Chili Foam


I was so excited when our third course came out. I love venison and I rarely eat red meat, it’s such a treat. Venison is lean and healthy and the portion was perfect. The presentation was like a work of art and each flavor on the plate was incredible on it’s own or paired all together. I’ve never had such a juicy, flavorful piece of meat. The French Bordeaux served with the meat was out of this world. Definitely the one wine I had to have a small glass of–it was my favorite.  venison
3rd course: Sous Vide Venison, Savory Granola, Mustard Meringue, Black Garlic Pudding, Coffee 
Soil,Yogurt Spheres


There’s always room for dessert! Especially when you take your time and savor and enjoy each bite as well as the awesome company. When the final dish came out, it was yet another masterpiece. My favorite was the passionfruit custard followed by the wild rice crispie. The only thing I wasn’t crazy about (and this was for the entire night) was the green tea cake, but I’m not a big cake girl anyways. The charred marshmallows, black tea caramel and dulce de leche ice cream were all melt in your mouth super sweet and yummy. Jonathan broke out a cold, crisp bottle of Sauternes for the dessert course.
4th course: Passion Fruit Custard, Black Tea Caramel, Caramelized Sugar Powder, Charred Marshmallow, 
Wild Rice Crispie, Green Tea Sponge, Dulce De Leche Ice Cream


With a full belly and a huge smile on my face, Tim escorted me to the door when it was time to go home. I thanked our incredible host and hostess for such an amazing evening and I made sure to get Michael’s card. I love to see people pursuing their passion and using their creativity, skills and imagination to artfully design not only delicious tasting food, but also beautiful preparations and presentations. It’s so much fun to try something new and do something different. Check out kitchensurfing.com or some of Michael’s upcoming events. Be creative when you plan your next get together, maybe chef up your own 4 course meal or ask your friends to each bring a course. I’ve always shared some of my favorite experiences around the dinner table.

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