7 Tips To Help You Become An Early Morning Workout Person

The ability to get up bright and early to hit the gym can often seem like a superpower to those of us who absolutely dread the sound of our alarm clocks. And while the idea that people have already sweat through their A.M. spin class before we’ve even had the chance to do our morning scroll through social media is pretty inspiring, getting to the gym at the crack of dawn is easier said than done. 

But that doesn’t mean it’s impossible to become an early morning exerciser. With a few new habits and a little extra motivation, you’ll be hitting the pavement (the bike or the Barre) with the rest of the early bird crowd before you know it.

  1. Get to Bed Early

Getting a good night’s sleep is half the battle when it comes to waking up extra early, so it’s important to set–and stick to–a bedtime that will allow you to feel refreshed and ready to move first thing in the morning. Try turning in for the night a little earlier each day until you’ve found a bedtime that leaves you feeling well-rested for your A.M. workout. 

And if you’re having trouble actually dozing off once your head hits the pillow, try to unplug and unwind by powering down your electronics in favor of calming nighttime activities like reading or meditation. Once your body adjusts to hitting the hay earlier, you’ll be able to get in a full night of ZZZs to fuel your early morning workout.

  1. Set Your Outfit Out the Night Before

When it comes to working out, nothing is quite as motivating as a super cute gym outfit you can’t wait to wear. Laying out your workout clothes the night before will not only leave you looking forward to your workout look (and possibly a few gym selfies), but it will also make getting up and out the door a breeze. Another bonus to pre-planning your workout wardrobe? Having your gym clothes already set out in the morning will be a little extra push reminding you to meet your daily fitness goals.  

  1. Pre-Pack Your Gym Bag

Another way to simplify your early morning routine is to pre-pack your gym bag ahead of time. Pack your gym bag the night before with a towel, water bottle, headphones and any other workout essentials, and have it ready to grab on your way out in the morning. By pre-packing your workout gear, you’ll cut down on the time it takes to get out the door and ensure you’ve got everything you need to make the most of your morning sweat.

  1. Set Alarms That Will Actually Get You Out of Bed

When the snooze button is the one thing standing between you and your early morning workout, it’s important to set an alarm (or several) that will motivate you to get moving. If you’re notorious for hitting the snooze button multiple times each morning, you’ll want to set a series of alarms that will effectively get you up and out of bed. 

Pick a time 30 minutes to an hour before you seriously need to throw off the covers and set alarms at 10- to 15-minute intervals in between. Try setting your alarms either to a jolting sound you know you can’t sleep through or, on a more positive note, a motivating song from your workout playlist that will get you up and feeling energized. Better yet, keep your phone or alarm clock far enough away that you have to get out of bed to turn it off, getting you one step closer to heading out the door and hitting the gym. 


  1. Make Breakfast Your Motivation

They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day, which is especially true when it’s fueling a bright and early morning workout. Not only is a nutritious breakfast great for sustaining you through an A.M. sweat session, but planning out a breakfast you’ll actually look forward to digging into can motivate you to get up and get moving even before the sun’s up. 

Whether you only have a few minutes or a half hour before you’re out the door to hit the ground running, there are plenty of tasty and energizing breakfast bites to feed your morning burn. From protein-packed smoothies to a classic combo of banana slices and peanut butter, breakfast is the best way to kick off an early day. Prep your morning meal the night before so you’ll have at least one delicious reason to hop out of bed. 

  1. Sign Up for Workout Classes That Will Keep You Accountable

It’s easy to delay a morning workout, or even skip it altogether when there are no immediate consequences for missing it. That’s why committing to a spin, Pilates, cardio or other calorie-burning class of your choice is the best way to keep yourself accountable for getting up and at ’em in the wee hours of the morning. Most fitness studios offer early morning classes for the before-work crowd, and signing up for these time slots can motivate you to make time for your A.M. workout–especially if sleeping through it means losing the money you paid for the class.

  1. Find an Early Morning Workout Buddy

Waking up for a 6 a.m. workout is a lot more fun when you have a friend to motivate you and keep you company. Plus, having a workout buddy who refuses to let you sleep through your morning run will keep you active even on the days where it seems so much easier to climb back into bed. So, grab a friend who’s looking to break an early morning sweat and inspire each other to make your fitness goals a reality. 

Becoming an early morning workout person is no small feat, but with a few new motivators and habits worked into your daily routine, you can rise, shine and sweat all before sunrise. 

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