7 Things That Will Improve Your Workout Motivation

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Whether you’re in the middle of a workout slump or just want to start exercising on a regular basis, getting motivated is probably your biggest problem right now. The thing with motivation is that it has to come from the inside but that doesn’t mean outside factors don’t count. On the contrary – most people need incentives from their surroundings to get things going, so here are some of the things that can improve your workout motivation.

Make it official

Making a commitment contract about working out sounds crazy but there are plenty of studies confirming the fact that people are more likely to do something if they promised it to their friends or announced it on social media networks. Write down your fitness goals and hopes and sign it in front of your friends or just yourself. Don’t forget to include some penalties if you break it and watch the motivation do its thing.
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Create a pre-workout ritual

People’s lives consist of habits and rituals and that’s what makes things easier for us. The same goes for working out – creating a fun pre-workout ritual for yourself can get you started even on the worst of days. You get to decide whether it will be a delicious drink you’ll have before you go on a jog, listening to energizing music that will fill you up with energy before doing yoga, or something completely different. Whatever works for you is fine, so start looking for it.

Decorate your room accordingly

It doesn’t matter if your room is your gym or you simply spend a lot of time in it – the stuff you put in there can affect your workout motivation. For example, you can keep your workout gear on display but make sure your room doesn’t look messy. That can distract you and give you the reason to procrastinate. Surrounding yourself with motivational quotes help, too, so cover your walls or cork board with beautiful words.
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Make it fun

You’ll never get motivated to work out on a regular basis if you hate the routine you’re trying to follow, especially if you don’t have the strength to pull off all the exercises. Instead of torturing yourself, find your own, fun routine and stick to it. Changing the place also helps so use the sunny weather to work out outside. Ride a bike or rollerblades or go to an open gym. Enjoying the nature and catching some fresh air will recharge your batteries and help you go further.

Put on some new gear

You’ve probably heard of “dressing for success”, but did you know it’s scientifically backed? There’s a process your mind undergoes when you put on a piece of clothing that really suits you or get dressed up for a workout, and it’s called “enclothed cognition”. This happens because we give things symbolic meaning, so buying new workout gear can really get you started. Besides, wearing proper clothing protects you from injuries, so get quality bodybuilding clothing if you lift weights and good running shoes if you’re a jogger.
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Get your daily motivational fix

Surrounding yourself with motivational articles is a nice way to awaken your inner workout addict. All you have to do is to subscribe to a good fitness blog and wait for your daily motivational boost. Whether you need a few guidelines on how to change your lifestyle to be more workout-friendly or you need tips and tricks for getting the most out of your workout sessions, the internet is filled with specialized blogs that have it all.

Track your progress

If you decided to start working out regularly, there’s probably a good reason for it. It’s important to memorize that reason so whenever you think of quitting you can remember why you started. Measuring your progress also helps, especially if you wish to lose weight. You can go old school and use a scale and a measuring tape or you can make use of technology and get a good body measurement app.

Try some of these things and see for yourself – some of it will surely work for you. The most important thing is to listen to your body and mind – you’ll know the best what works for you and what not, so find your motivation right away!

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