5 Ways to Exercise with Your Family

5 Ways to Exercise with Your Family

Getting in exercise while trying to juggle your family life can seem like a challenge. But how about implementing exercise into family time? Here are five ideas to help you sneak in daily exercise without sacrificing precious family time.

running-exercise Go for a hike!
Taking on a hike doesn’t necessarily mean you need to take on the toughest terrain in your neighborhood, it can mean just taking a stroll along local nature trails. Get your family out there and have an awesome time admiring nature’s wonders while searching for little critters. For families with younger children you can even create a scavenger hunt for your hike. Chances are there is a nature trail in your area that you may have never heard of. Check your city’s website local nature hikes and get exploring!

Spend time at your local playground or park!
Spending time at your local playground or park can bring out your inner child. Take time to swing on the swings with your kids or see how fast you spin them on the merry-go-round. If there is no playground equipment at your park toss around a Frisbee with your family or challenge them to a game of tag!

Create an obstacle course in your backyard!
Bring the local park to your backyard and get creative! Get your family together and use different objects found in your home to turn your backyard into a mini obstacle course. Then let the competitions begin as you race against one another to complete your homemade course.

Go for a bike ride!
Bike riding can be a great way to explore new areas of your community! Take your family out and explore your local bike trails or even just some new streets. Make a day of it and set a destination to bike to such as a local pond or the end of a local bike trail and pack a lunch to share on your adventure. Just don’t forget your helmets!

Sign up for a charity run/walk!
Get your family together and bring awareness to a cause you’re all passionate about. While some charity run/walks require a little fundraising beforehand there are some that just need participants. Participating in one of these events will fit in your daily exercise, bring your family together and teach your children the importance of helping others. Do a little research to find local run/walks in your area for a cause your family is passionate about.

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