5 Ways to Beat Postnatal Depression – The Unconventional Benefits of Yoga Practice

According to studies, up to 20% of women are always affected by depression after they have delivered. Postnatal depression is always associated with anxiety and poor adjustment leading to personal suffering and frequent conflicts with family members.

Due to the high prevalence of postnatal depression and the deleterious effects it has on women and their families, it is critical to get adequate treatment because if left untreated, the symptoms may last for a long period of time and may lead to bigger problems.

How can yoga help you to overcome postnatal depression?

Postnatal depression results from a hormonal imbalance that may make you feel confused, hopeless and lost. This may lead to sleeping difficulties, loss of appetite or lack of concentration. Depression is also known to lead to reduced breast supply of milk and may force mothers to stop breastfeeding their babies earlier than expected. Practicing yoga can help in reducing the chances of suffering from postnatal depression by controlling the hormonal imbalance that causes the depression. Here are the countless benefits of practicing yoga when you are going through postnatal depression.

  1. Balances hormones

During the weeks leading to childbirth and the weeks after, the levels of the stress-inducing hormone, Cortisol changes. This imbalance in the level of this hormone is what may lead to depression. Practicing yoga helps the body to regulate this imbalance so that it can maintain the hormonal levels on the right level. Yoga does this by helping the body to balance the endocrine system that produces the stress inducing hormones.

By controlling your breathing during yoga, you will stimulate the nervous system to help the body stay healthy and resilient.

  1. Restores body image

New mothers can get some exercise by practising yoga. You won’t have to go to the gym or spend hours on the treadmill. Taking care of your body and keeping in shape will help you gain confidence in yourself, hence making you emotionally stronger. When you are feeling great about your body, you feel relaxed, and you are less likely to go into depression.

  1. Yoga enables you to relax and unwind

Since yoga involves controlled and focused breathing, steady breathing may become part of your life if you practice yoga every day. This will help your body to have the capacity to handle any stressful situations that life may throw at you.

Yoga will make your body release less adrenaline and stress hormones when things get overwhelming since you will be able to pay close attention to your breathing hence putting all your focus on yourself.

  1. Practice mindfulness

Yoga helps new mothers to overcome depression by teaching them how to appreciate each moment as it comes. Practising this mindfulness before and after delivery has been shown to reduce the risk of going into a depression as a result of childbirth.

Yoga will reduce your anxiety and stress as you will learn to appreciate and treasure your moments with your baby.

  1. Yoga helps you to build a community and a sense of connection

One of the things that may make postpartum depression worse is the feeling that you are alone. Yoga, when practised in a group, will give you a sense of connection and a community since you will meet other women who are going through the same situation as you. Emotional support will help you go through postnatal depression. Several yoga studios offer specific postnatal classes.

The bottom-line

Postnatal depression is real and is one of the hardships that new mums have to go through. It’s always a hard time since you also have to take care of another precious human being. You can find balance and peace by turning to yoga to deal with your prenatal depression.

Author Bio: My name is Kristi and I’m the mother of 3 beautiful angels, founder of Intelligentmother.com. This blog was created in order to share experiences baby care, health care for pregnant women. You can find many interesting insights. Problems – Solved!


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