5 Quick Solutions for More Energy

Have you struggled getting out of bed in the morning, slept in and then found yourself struggling to get through a day of work? We lack energy to get things done, yet we are unable to find any long-term solutions. Many of us turn to caffeine, energy drinks, energy pills, sugar, and a long list of energy quick fixes whose market share continues to grow by leaps and bounds. These are weak and poor solutions and will never make a long-term solution to your lack of energy.

Healthy Green Vegetable and Fruit Smoothi Juice with Apple and Greens

Here are 5 solutions to help solve your own lack of energy:

1. Change your mind set. Anything you want to do or change in your life begins in your mind. You must have a mindset of having high energy, vitality, and an exciting and fulfilling life.

2. Lots of good, quality rest and sleep. When I took time to increase and adjust my sleeping habits, I saw a dramatic increase in energy in just a couple of weeks.

Try the following tips for higher quality and higher quantity rest:

● Increase sleep hours gradually

● Take TV’s, computers, and other electronics out of the bedroom.

● Read a book or visit with a spouse or friend before bed.

3. Eat high energy foods. I went on a quest to find foods that would provide high-energy that were natural, not processed, low in sugar, and not produce a crash later in the day.

Here is my list of my top 3 high-energy foods to solve your energy problem:

 Apples- Did you know that apples can give you more energy and wake you up better than coffee? They won’t give you the crash either.

 Chia Seeds- Did you know that chia seeds can provide the same amount of energy for a 90 minute workout as energy drinks?

 Green Smoothies- When made with a lot of healthy greens, low glycemic fruits (berries), protein powder, and healthy fats, a smoothie can be a great source of energy and nutrition.

4. Exercise to gain more energy. This solution seems counter intuitive, spend energy to gain energy. Be sure to work out hard and recognize the good feelings after.

Here are some ideas to help you maximize your workout routine to get more energy:

● Make a workout plan for the week- include cardio work, weights, stretching, and light relaxing work.

● Change things up every couple of weeks- do some High intensity workouts, lift some heavier weights, try some different exercises- biking, hiking, swimming, etc….

● Learn some yoga moves. This helps release stress, become more flexible, and bring greater energy into your life.

5. Listen to music and move around to raise energy levels. Whether we admit it or not, we all love music in one form or another. There are plenty of choices that can uplift you and your loved ones and will provide clean energy.

Here are some tips to help you use music to jumpstart your energy levels:

● Choose music that is uplifting and has good, clean lyrics with a beat that you can dance and move to.

● Play music and dance in the morning. There is something about moving early in the day that sets the tone for the day.

● Play music and dance with your kids or spouse or friends. It will not only help to listen to the music and dance but help connect and build relationships.

There are alternative sources of energy out there. You don’t need to turn to the trap of the seemingly easy, short-sighted methods of gaining your energy.

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