5 Outfits You Can Wear to Work and to Workout

Fashion that you can wear in the boardroom and to the weight room maximizes your wardrobe plus saves time and money. With the demands of professional attire to be comfortable and workout wear to be stylish, it’s easy to put together outfits that you can wear to work and to work out in. Some fitness wear brands have listened to their customers and provide ready-to-wear pieces just for this purpose. This makes it easy to come up with outfits that will do double duty—and help motivate you to get to the gym.

Depending on the requirements of your workplace (formal, business casual, or startup), you can style them with different shoes and accessories to make selections more professional or laid back. For example, add heels to your choices and your outfit becomes more dressy. Wear flats if your place of employment is more relaxed. Here are some suggestions for putting together five outfits that will take you from work to workout.

  1. Cute bottoms in a business print with a soft tunic top

Cute bottoms are a must for your multi-tasking wardrobe. Start with a pair of comfortable leggings in a solid color as they pair well with just about anything. Choose neutral colors such as black, khaki, grey, navy and white. Prints and fabrics should be similar to those of dress pants where you can hardly tell the difference.

The elastic waistband keeps you comfortable at the office and in the gym. Stretchy spandex offers slimming, support and compression while making you look fab. Add a dressy, soft tunic that makes you look sharp yet is perfect for bending, moving and stretching during your fitness activities.

  1. Jeggings with a hybrid top

Jeggings in prints and fabrics that look and feel like jeans, corduroy, twill and more are stretchy yet look very much like pants and jeans. Some even have front fastenings, fake pockets and belt loops. Yet they are made of Spandex and are flexible as you move into your yoga or pilates class.

Pair with a loose, flowing hybrid top (tank top or tee shirt), one that has much style and print that you can’t tell it’s workout wear. For a more professional look, add a soft stretchy solid color blazer or a sweater and add heels.

  1. Structured sweatshirt with leggings

A structured sweatshirt is comfortable yet more tailored and styled. It’s a modern take on a reliable classic that looks polished. Tapered with cutouts and unique styling that’s not typical of a regular baggy sweatshirt, it works well as a blouse for the workplace. Pair with chic stretchy slim-fitting leggings and all you need is a trendy bag which will double as a large tote and a gym bag. Talk about maximizing your wardrobe!

  1. Workout dress

Not your typical tennis dress, the workout dress has come a long way. With modern styling that can transition from office attire to street wear to fitness apparel, these dresses deliver a lot of functioning for an active life. It is made from comfy fabric with an elasticized waistband which can be adjusted so that you can wear it with dressy heels or flats. Add a bold necklace to give it a pop of color and glamour.

The dress can go from business to dinner to workout. Adjust the length to go shorter and wear the dress as a tunic with a pair of stylish leggings or yoga pants. Some workout dresses are simply tank dresses that are made with stretchy, sweat-wicking fabric. Wear these with or without a belt. You can also add workout shorts underneath for tummy control and compression. When it’s time to get your fitness on, just add tennis shoes, running shoes, ballet flats or go barefoot depending on the type of fitness you’re doing—the options are always expanding as the fitness industry continues to grow.

  1. Multipurpose athletic jacket and bootcut yoga pants

Nowadays athletic jackets are multifunctioning and look the part. They’re no longer the sportswear with the typical sports logo hat scream fitness jacket and only for sports. They’re fashionable and functionable and you can rock them with just about anything. Some have drawstrings and some have self belts. Some have zippers, sparkles and more yet they’re all comfortable and made for physical activity.

The more professional you want to look, the more structured your athletic jacket should be. Choose one that is more tailored and looks like a trench coat for a more corporate look. If you don’t have to go so formal, opt for a jacket that has a zipper, drawstring and even a hoodie. Pair with boot cut yoga pants that are stretchy yet look just like dress pants with their faux pockets and zipper. Add a pair of highheeled pumps or flats depending on your workplace environment.

Stay stylish at your job and at the gym

You now have five outfits that will take you from work right into working out—and look good in the process. They will provide the style and comfortability that you need plus the functionality to perform. Add the appropriate accessories and shoes and you’ll save time, money and space with athletic fashions that do double duty. Bonus: these will look great out to dinner, on dates and out running errands. So allow your fashion to go the extra mile along with you.



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