5 of My Favorite Packaged Snacks!

I always try to grab a nature made snack like fruit or veggies when I need a pick me up. But sometimes I need something portable, especially during long flights, when I’m on set, or whenever I’m craving something savory or sweet (besides fruits and veggies!).

Here are a list of my favorite packaged snacks that are not only DELICIOUS but also super nutritious! These all fit the bill when you are craving something “naughty” but want to keep your diet clean and nice.

Nothin but

Cookies: Sometimes I just really want a good chocolate chip or oatmeal cookie. Timothy loves cookies too; and these granola cookes by Nothin’ But cookies are truly scrumptious. I love to pack them in the dipaer bag and share them with him mid afternoon when we’re at the playground or in the park. Nothin’ but cookies are made with wholesome ingredients with no added junk. I like the story behind how these were brought to market too.
Popcorn: I am a HUGE popcorn fan and I find I often want something like popcorn later at night when I’m watching a movie with my hubby or working on line. Popcorn is a perfect snack because it’s high in antioxidants and you can eat a lot of it for little calories. I recently discovered Sneaky spirulina popcorn and OMG it’s amazing! The best thing too, it’s loaded with nutrient rich spirulina, brewer’s yeast and popped in coconut oil. Now when I snack on popcorn, I’m also getting protein and I’m getting a dose of superfoods in every bite!
Ice cream: Now that the weather is warmer, I’m always craving an ice cream treat. I cannot tell you how delicious Enlightened bars are. I love the coffee, chocolate and creamsicle flavor. I just noticed they’ve added peanut butter and chocolate peanut butter, which I can’t wait to try! The best thing about an ice cream bar, is it takes a while to eat and you can savor every bite and feel satisfied after a meal. Because Enlightened are such high protein, low sugar and have some fiber in them, they also make a good afternoon, pre or post workout snack as well.
Ice Chips
Ice chips: (my mom loves these!): If you are a candy fiend, you can satisfy your sweet tooth with ice chips. Ice chips come in so many fun flavors and they’re sweetened with xylitol which is also good for your teeth. My mom is addicted to these; and I love that they were started by two cute little old ladies with a vision. Ice Chips are the kind of things you can nibble on at the very end of an evening when you’re completely done eating, but still have a hankering for something. These are also good when you’re bored and aren’t truly hungry, but still want a little treat to suck on. They can also be a nice reminder at the end of a meal to quit eating.
Quest bars
Cake/Chocolate Bars: I’m obsessed with quest bars and I carry them every time I travel or I’m on a set doing a yoga/Pilates DVD shoot. Quest bars are high protein, high fiber and come in so many awesome flavors. I’m a chocolate chunk and chocolate peanut butter fan; but seriously they are all SOO good. I love a quest bar mid afternoon to get me through to dinner. Quest bars are also a good choice in a pinch for a healthy breakfast with a latte. Quest just came out with a new chocolate mint flavor that I’m DYING to try. I personally like my quest bars frozen then thawed slightly so they are chilled; but on their site they also recommend microwaving them or even baking them and making fun high protein recipes.
What are some of your favorite packaged snacks? Let me know! I’m always on the look out for good, fun, healthy choices.

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