5 Clean Beauty Products to Try in 2017

In the world of self-care, dream creams that promise to smooth, strengthen and moisturize (among other superlatives) are nothing new. As long as those products did what they said they would do, everything would be ok, right? Not any more.

Today, there is a growing interest in wellness and self-care that has not only extended into the food we eat and how we exercise our body and minds, but also to the creams, serums, vitamins and more that we rely on to help us look and feel our best.

Concern for what goes into our favorite products is making its way to the top of our checklists as we browse the overwhelming options available to us in the personal care aisles in-stores and online.

Have you ever found yourself browsing the back of a brand’s label to see what’s in that bottle or jar?

You’re not alone. A report from The Hartman Group says that today’s approach to how we care about ourselves is more proactive than reactive, and is moving toward preventative solutions instead of treatment.

We also demand that these products make our lives easier. According to Global Cosmetic Industry magazine, “Plant-based ingredients were once enough to entice consumers, but today a product’s function and efficacy are now regarded as at least as important as the ingredient source by many consumers.”

However, with so many options, where to begin?

To help me choose, I turn to products that are made with natural ingredients in convenient, perfectly sized packaging that blend seamlessly with my on-the-go lifestyle. From counseling clients in the Washington, DC area to traveling across the country on a media tour, I don’t always have the luxury of my wellness routine at home. Yet, I still want all of the benefits that my full-sized products provide.

As we head into a new year, add these travel-sized clean wellness products to your purse, gym bag or to have handy at your office desk; they’re made to keep up without dragging you down this winter season.


  • Andalou Beauty-2-go facemasks are individually packaged and come in a variety of pods for a spectrum of skincare needs. Try the Instant Brightening Face Mask made with pumpkin and honey to maintain a glow through the darkest of winters, or the Instant Soothing Face Mask made with rosewater to hydrate and calm sensitive skin.


  • For broad spectrum sun protection without the chemicals, fragrance and sometimes drying effects of more traditional options, Beauty Counter’s Protect Stick Sunscreen slips easily into the pocket of your windbreaker for touch ups during an outdoor run. UV rays are just as strong and harmful, even during grey winter months.


  • Strengthen bones and get a boost of the sunshine vitamin at the same time with Cal-EZ calcium and vitamin D powder packets. Since they’re tasteless and dissolve easily, they are an easy way to mix into morning coffee or a post-workout smoothie. Plus, the powder version has proven to absorb better than pills and tablets.


  • rareEARTH aromatherapy inhaler uses plant-derived essential oils like peppermint and eucalyptus to ease common ailments like congestion, while their rosemary and bergamot blend aims to promote mental clarity and concentration.


  • When you’ve got a full day ahead but haven’t gotten much sleep, RMS Beauty’s Living Luminizer will brighten and highlight all skin tones without leaving that sticky or greasy feeling. We’ll leave the frost for the outdoors!


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