3 Yoga Moves for a Hangover (Too Much Summer Partying!)

Everyone’s spirits are high in the summer and sometimes it’s easy to indulge in too many spirits! Summer BBQ’s and pool parties often involve ice-cold alcoholic beverages. Also, many weddings take place in the summer and it can be difficult not to have fun drinking and dancing the night away. I’ve never been one to drink too much, and for the past 10 months haven’t been drinking at all! I can relate, though, to feeling out of sorts the next day after having an extra glass of wine or two when there’s something special to celebrate. 

If you overindulge in one too many cocktails and wake up feeling not so great the next day, you can combat your hangover with some simple yoga moves. Resist the urge to indulge in a heavy meal and pop a Tylenol. The best thing you can do, is eat a breakfast high in fiber (oatmeal or sprouted wheat toast) and good quality protein (hard boiled egg instead of greasy bacon), drink a hydrating coconut water along with your coffee or tea, and move the body to sweat out the alcohol.

Swaying Warrior—Begin with a standing pose to get your blood flowing and work up a little sweat. In swaying warrior, you’ll stretch the sides of the waist, kidneys and liver, which will help move the alcohol out of your blood stream.

Reverse Warrior Extended Side Angle Start with your legs one leg length apart, turn your right foot forward ninety degrees and your left foot in about forty-five degrees. Bend your right knee deeply coming in to warrior two. Inhale reverse the warrior by lengthening your torso backwards and sliding your left hand down your back leg. Exhale come forward and place your right elbow above your right knee and extend your left arm overhead. Continue swaying back and forth for 5 to 8 cycles. Repeat on the opposite side.

Seated Spinal Twist—Twists are great for digestion and help move things along in our body. They are detoxifying postures and great for cleansing the internal organs. Twists are comfortable, feel good, and help work out the kinks from a crazy night out.

Seated Spinal Twist Start seated with your right knee bent underneath you and step your left foot outside your right thigh (if your hips are too tight, you can keep the right leg straight). Lift up out of your lower back and wrap your right arm around your left knee, place your left hand behind your back and twist to the left. Inhale, to lengthen taller, and exhale to twist deeper. Hold 5 to 8 breaths then repeat on the opposite side

Janu Sirasasana—Head to knee pose is a twist and a forward bend. It’s a great stretch for the kidney region and it helps with hangover headaches by stretching out the neck, back and shoulders.

Janu Sirasasana Start seated with both legs straight out in front of you. Bend your left knee back and place the sole of the left foot on the inner right thigh. Twist your torso towards the right leg and lengthen forward over it. Hold the stretch for 5 to 8 breaths then repeat on the opposite side.





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