3 Ways to Stay Active During the Colder Months & Chance to Win Barlean’s Olive Leaf Spray

Mommy and Me on the Slopes 1. Find a winter sport you love–I absolutely love to ski and I look forward to it every winter. When I’m on the mountain skiing the bumps, I forget about my burning quads and I get an incredible workout. There’s nothing better than taking off my boots at the end of a ski day. The best part about it is my entire family loves it as well. I get to bond with my mom, dad, brothers, sister in laws, nieces, nephews and husband. I can’t wait to get my little guy on skis soon too! If you can find a sport you love. whether it’s downhill or cross country skiing, snowboarding, snow shoeing or ice skating, you will embrace the colder days for all the ways they allow you to get outside and enjoy being active.

2. Commit to an indoor workout routine–If you absolutely can’t stand the frigid temps, make it a goal to stay active indoors. Maybe you want to book a trainer this time of year and get on a good strength training routine. Or, you could sign up for swim lessons, dance classes, yoga sessions or one on one or group Pilates workouts. There are so many fun ways to be active indoors from bowling to Zumba. Enlist some friends, family members or your spouse or boyfriend/girlfriend to go with you. Once you make an active date on the calendar you are more likely to stick with it and it’s a fun way to be social this time of year. I love to meet my girlfriends for yoga class or try out one of the new trending workouts (soul cycle, the class, barre3, etc.) in the city together. For new moms try a mommy and me yoga class or something active you can do with your little one.

3. Get an arsenal of DVDs, apps and online workouts you like–if you’re a homebody and prefer cozying up indoors, create a “playlist” library of workouts you can do at home. From YouTube, to streaming workout sites? to DVDs, you can really get an incredible sweat session in without leaving your house or even taking off you pjs! Roll out of bed in the am and do a yoga dvd first thing. Download an app and get a 10 minute workout in right when you get home from work or when you have some free time.

There’s really no excuse not to stay fit and active when the weather gets colder. Exercise is truly one of the best ways to relieve stress and beat seasonal depression, which can sometimes occur this time of year. Working out releases feel good endorphins and makes it easier to truly enjoy the holidays and the New Year. Movement also keeps our immune system strong during cold season.

olc-spray To inspire you to keep up your fitness routine during the winter season, Barlean’s has offered to giveaway a bottle of Olive Leaf throat spray to one lucky winner. Here’s what they say about their awesome blend: “Olive Leaf Complex Throat Spray is a convenient, super-antioxidant solution for promoting a healthy immune system and season wellness. Natural peppermint, lemon and sage are refreshing and soothing to the throat.”  Tell me how you stay active when the temps drop and like Barlean’s on FB as well as follow them on Twitter to be entered to win. I will announce a winner at the end of the week!

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