3 Things You Can Do Before Breakfast for More ENERGY, a Faster METABOLISM & a Sunnier OUTLOOK!

Start incorporating these 3 simple things in to your morning routine and you’ll have more energy, a faster metabolism and a sunnier outlook.

1.) Drink a LARGE glass of ice, cold water to wake up your body and mind. In one study led by a group of German Scientists, they discovered 16oz. of H20 could possibly rev up your metabolic rate by 24% for up to 90 minutes. Wether this is accurate or not, well-hydrated muscles and organs are healthier and function better. And, a fresh, cold glass of water is very invigorating. It’s a great way to start your day especially as the winter months approach when we can easily forget to drink enough water. Add a wedge of lemon for some extra C and refreshment if you wish!

2.) Sit for 10 minutes of mediation. If you can sit longer, great! But as little as 10 minutes of meditation can reduce your stress, sharpen your focus, boost your mood and help you stay even keeled throughout the day. I love to just watch my breath and repeat, “breathing in, I am breathing in, breathing out, I am breathing out” to help me stay present and centered. There is no right or wrong way to meditate. Don’t punish yourself as thoughts come up (they always will!), just acknowledge them and return to your breath. Meditation reduces cortisol levels (the stress hormone that can lead to weight gain), clears the mind, reduces depression and helps improve our memory.

3.) Greet the sun with some sun salutations. With just a few sun salutes, you gain strength, flexibility and a stronger core. If you wake up and do something first thing in the AM; then no matter what comes your way that day, at least you know you’ve given your muscles a workout, oxygenated your body and stretched. I personally love a few slow, gentle salutations that incorporate knees, chest, chin, cobra, downward dog and crescent lunges. I’ve attached a video of this type of sun salutation below. I find this is one of the best ways to wake my muscles up, open up my chest and lungs and stretch out all the kinks. My 10-12 minute APP workouts are also a great option!

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