3 Things You Can Do Post-Baby To Feel Rejuvenated

When your nine (actually 10!) months of pregnancy are finally over  you need to take just as good care of yourself as you did when you carried and cared for the growing baby inside of you.  You’re just getting used to taking care of a baby and your new body all at once. I certainly was overwhelmed after both of my pregnancies. First time as a new mom; and then second time as a mom of twins and already having a toddler at home! Here are some things that helped me feel rejuvenated in the fourth trimester.

Say Goodbye to Pregnancy Brain

Pregnancy brain is definitely a thing. And, so is post pregnancy brain. Many new moms suffer from sleep deprivation, hormonal changes and sometimes the baby blues. Lack of sleep can lead to fatigue, memory loss, concentration issues, and high stress levels.

To get your brain back into tip-top shape, you can:

  • Take a supplement. There are natural brain-boosting supplements that help sharpen your concentration and memory. If you’re nursing just check to make sure which ones are safe. You can find advice on supplements on Mommy Authority or ask your doctor or nutritionist if you have one.
  • The  best advice I got from my mom when Timothy was a baby, was to sleep when he slept. Even if your night sleep is interrupted, at least you got in a few naps throughout the day. I know you feel obligated to get things done; but your health is most important.
  • Meditation can do wonders for your brain as well as help reduce stress levels. Practice breathing methods to build a calm, collected mind and focus your thoughts.

Do Some Yoga

Your core muscles are very weak after birth, and that makes any kind of movement difficult and painful. Gentle exercises like yoga are perfect to help build up your core and regain your balance. Yoga can help you lose weight, regain balance and strengthen your core muscles. If you have a diastasis recti (tear of the superficial abdominals) you need to avoid backbends, crunches and planks until it is healed. Otherwise, once you have the green light to exercise, yoga is the perfect way to move in a mindful way and build strength again. Deep breathing techniques also help with healing the body physically and mentally.

Relax with Red Wine

Red wine has many health benefits like high levels of antioxidants that can help lower your blood pressure. It also has a chemical called resveratrol which strengthens the lining of your blood vessels, reduces inflammation in your body and lowers your risk of heart disease. Having a glass or two of red wine per week can definitely help you feel good and improve your heart health. Obviously if you’re nursing, wait to have a drink after you’ve breast fed your baby. My doctor has told me that even a small amount of alcohol can makes it’s way in to the milk; so if you’re only having one small glass at night you should be fine. If you have any doubt, you can also pump and dump and of course check with your doctor.

The Wonder of Motherhood

Now that you’re a parent, you have to take care of yourself and your family. Your health may be the last thing on your mind; but it is so important to take care of you so you can support and care for your child. Your postpartum body is going through many changes. Do your best to limit the amount of stress in your life.

Consider taking a supplement to improve your cognitive function, get more sleep when you can, meditate, do some yoga, and find a way to unwind with a small glass of wine on occassion. You’ll learn to love your post-baby body in no time. Some great advice I received from my mom was to enjoy every moment because the days may be long; but the years are so short.




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