Decor Tips To Boost Mindfulness and Relaxation

Decor Tips To Boost Mindfulness and Relaxation

Owning a Pinterest-worthy home is something many of us strive for but more than a home that is visually stunning, we need to start looking at this space as that which will help us to unwind. We have so much clutter in our lives — from news overload to social media posts, work and a slew of text messages — all of which can get to us and leave us overwhelmed and stressed, if we do not make time to relax every day.

The home is the best environment you can use to decorate in a way that will help you to build mindfulness and relaxation so that, whether you work from home or arrive home after a long day of work, you will have a peaceful place waiting for you. You don’t need to take on major renovations here as the following tips will prove.

Use white – The color white is a symbol of purity, it is peaceful and it makes everything clear. Use this color on your walls, for your sheets and even on your décor accessories to bring a sense of clarity to your home.

Use natural light – Artificial lighting can never substitute the light of the sun. Open the curtains the minute you wake up and keep them open until the sun goes down. You can also opt to go for sheer fabric for your curtains, so that natural light is constantly coming in.

Use lighting wisely – When it comes to lighting your rooms at night, choose to light certain spots, rather than whole rooms. Invest in a reading lamp and light it up near your spot, rather than having six spotlights lighting the whole room. The same tip goes for the bedroom, the kitchen when you are having dinner and other rooms when it is your time to unwind.

Use the right fabricsFrom cushions to blankets and bed sheets, using soft materials will help you to unwind even more when you are on the sofa or on the bed.

Use plants and flowersFlowers and other greenery placed around the house help to make us feel bound to the earth. Plants help us be more in the moment especially when we observe the plant we are caring for growing slowly in her own time.

Use common sense – When it comes to decorating, use common sense together with aesthetic purposes. If you hate spending too much time in the kitchen, then stack plates and bowls on open shelves for easier access and declutter the kitchen surface from unnecessary accessories. Moreover, choose to decorate with framed photos of your loved ones or quotes that inspire you, instead of art that has no meaning for you, to surround yourself with reminders of love and inspiration.

Use calming scents – Scents are powerful in helping you to change your mood, ease anxiety and alleviate stress. Some examples include lavender, which aids with sleep and stress. There is the uplifting smell of citrus and the scent of rose geranium to ease anxiety. Each scent has its own functions but always go for the ones that make you feel good when you smell them.

Use candles – Besides the scented ones, candles lit in your bedroom or your living room can create a romantic and old world atmosphere to help you relax.

Use your space for you ­- Side tables and wicker baskets are great accessories to have around the house but if these accessories are making your space feel smaller, then you might have to rethink your décor. Having a home that feels spacious is important, so you won’t feel frustrated and possibly suffer from more stress and anxiety.

All these tips will help to boost mindfulness and relaxation, nevertheless, nothing is more important than keeping your home tidy. Our cluttered minds don’t need a cluttered environment to come home to. You don’t need to be a clean freak to have a tidy home but you can adopt habits, such as putting things in their place the minute you are finished with them and designating 15 minutes of your day to declutter.


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