10 Frugal Ways to a Healthy Life

Taking care of your body doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Of course, there are some wonderful ways to indulge yourself if you can afford it: but you can also take care of the basics, plus a few extras without having to break the budget.

So, if you thought healthy living was all about expensive gym memberships, costly supplements, and exotic health foods, think again. These 10 frugal habits are going to help you, your family, and your bank account, be healthier than ever.

1. Eliminate These Items from Your Budget and Life

Alcohol (when used often or in excess) and tobacco are not only incredibly bad for you, they’re also really expensive. So the first frugal lesson is to stop budgeting for things you know are going to hurt rather than help.

Of course, there’s nothing wrong with a glass of champagne on a special occasion – but you should at all costs avoid tobacco products in any form – even if they’re only an occasional indulgence. If you’re struggling to quit, talk to your doctor. There are new medications that might make it easier for you.

Finally, consider ditching sugar and processed foods altogether and drink coffee in moderation.

2. Make Exercise a Habit

Let’s be honest. You already know quite a lot of exercises that are good for your health. Walking is one of these. And even if you’re trying something a little more complex, you probably don’t need one-on-one time with a personal trainer or an instructor every time you exercise.

Don’t turn exercise into a “special occasion.” It’s part of your daily routine, just like brushing your teeth or doing your hair. By all means, attend a few classes if you think they’ll help you, or just for the sake of being sociable, but your daily routine includes exercise whether there’s someone else to cheer you on or not.

If a little peer pressure and exposure to something new helps to get you moving, grab a few yoga or workout videos and pretend you’re in class. Enlist a buddy to join you for fun – it will help to reinforce the “home gym” atmosphere.

3. Make Time for Meals

Do you eat on the run? Skip Meals? Are you a familiar face at local fast food places? Save money and let mealtimes be the backbone of your family’s healthy lifestyle.

Lunches can be difficult to share together, but with a little foresight, a homemade packed lunch will not only be healthier and cheaper than anything you can get from fast food outlets but also tastier!

Menus really don’t have to be fancy to be healthy. Emulate the great chefs and plan your meals to take advantage of the freshest seasonal ingredients – and yes! Sitting down at the table and actually noticing what you eat will be good for you and your family too!

4. Drink Adam’s Ale

Is it something mysterious? What do you think your health drink of choice should be? That’s right! Good old water, just like in the Garden of Eden!

Consider getting a purification system to remove the chemicals from tap water. If you usually buy bottled water, it should pay for itself quite quickly. Take a water bottle along with you wherever you go and sip frequently. Most people aren’t as hydrated as they should be, and your body (and mind) can’t work properly if you’re dehydrated.

Provided you’re drinking safe, pure water, it’s the healthiest drink you can get – so stay topped up to keep yourself at peak performance.

5. Keep Your Finances Healthy

With stress contributing to so many illnesses, it comes as no surprise to find that a European study linked higher mortgages to poorer health outcomes. The moral of the story? Keep debts as low as possible and pay down necessary ones as fast as you can.

There are tons of ways to save money every day, and although some may scoff at small savings, they sure add up. Take those savings and put them towards paying off debt and you’ll see them compound. Just a little extra payment on your mortgage can make a huge difference.

6. Make Your Own Smoothies and Juices

There is nothing as good for you as a freshly squeezed juice or smoothie. A lot of vitamins begin to lose their power once the fruit has been picked, during its storage, and after juicing with exposure to heat, cold, and even light, so there’s nothing like juicing and drinking right away.

There have also been several investigations into vitamin pills with disturbing findings. While some supplements are useless, some could even be harmful. For example, overdosing with antioxidants may increase your chances of cancer and too much Vitain C might contribute to kidney stones.

There’s nothing to beat good nutrition straight from vegetables and fruits, and juicing allows you to concentrate natural nourishment without having to eat a massive meal.

7. Take Time to Meditate

Meditating is good for mind and body and, like exercise, it should form part of your daily routine. Most people find that early mornings are best, but whatever time of the day you choose, be sure to include some quiet time.

There is solid science that shows meditation’s benefits. Stress hormones decrease, blood pressure is lower, and sleep quality is enhanced when people meditate frequently. With stress contributing to just about every ailment one can get, making time to let go of it is vital to a healthy lifestyle.

8. Don’t Skip Routine Health Checks

You know you should see your gynecologist and your dentist every so often, but when you’re feeling well, it’s easy to forget these important checkups. Making sure you have them regularly could extend your life and enhance your overall health.

Interestingly, research is showing that our overall health is more closely linked to our oral health than we previously realized and gum disease, which affects over 40 percent of Americans, seems to aggravate diabetes and may even make one more prone to heart attacks and strokes.

9. When you Pay, Don’t Pay Full

As for the things you really need to buy to maintain your healthy lifestyle, paying the full price might not be necessary. Deal websites like DontPayFull are worth browsing for coupons and discounts.

Remember, you’re only going to buy what you were going to get anyway, so every coupon or discount is money in your pocket.

10. Smile, Laugh, Love

Did you know that people who smile big, genuine smiles, and who allow themselves the occasional belly laugh live longer? There’s quite a lot of research on the health benefits of laughter, especially when it’s shared with family and friends, but a positive outlook could be all you need to add a few years of quality time to your lifespan.

So what more do you need? Round off your healthy lifestyle by spending time with people you love and sharing happy times together. Best of all, your “therapists” will be getting the same benefits as you! There’s nothing like sharing.


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