10 Best Yoga Leggings

If you love yoga, then you love your yoga leggings! With so many different styles, colors, and patterns available you can choose a pair of leggings that suit your unique style and fashion sense. From glitter to camo legging, there is a style and price point to suit everyone.

What makes a good pair of yoga pants? Style issues aside, you should look for soft, stretchable and breathable materials, with moisture wicking technology.

Here are my top ten choices, check them out and fall in love with your new yoga pants!

1. Sweaty Betty Chandrasana Reversible Leggings

Sweaty Betty may not be the sexiest name for a yoga fashion brand, but their products are incredible. I love the broad range of designs, colors, and prints available. The leggings are made with moisture wicking material that makes them suitable for other activities and sports like Pilates and running as well.

2. Ultracor High Luxe Legging

Bandier and Ultracor have joined forces to create a yoga pant for the fashion focused athlete. These limited edition, body-hugging, lightweight leggings will feel great on the mat and look good while running errands.

3. Terez Black & White Glitter Yoga Leggings

Terez has a range of colorful prints and graphics on their yoga leggings. They feel light and comfortable and make your butt look great!

4. WearittoHeart Leggings

For those of us that like a little adventure in the concrete urban jungle, these high-waisted, camo leggings for women by wearittoheart.com are the perfect pair of leggings that sculpt and lengthen your legs while providing an excellent range of motion and support from their four-way stretch material. The cutting-edge design looks great in the gym, or just out running errands.

5. Beyond Yoga High Waist Leggings 

If the high-waisted look is your thing (which definitely is mine these days after giving birth to the twins) then these are for you. I think they are the softest yoga pants available, and are so comfortable that you will never want to take them off.

6. Noli Yoga & Tree of Life Leggings

Featuring a mid-high waistband, these yoga pants are designed to feel like an extension of your skin, and they hold up to that design standard. Featuring a ‘Tree of life’ pattern that’s a popular best-seller, these pants are instantly recognizable.

7. Lululemon Wunder Under III

Wunder Unders have been the benchmark that every yoga pant manufacturer has been trying to emulate. They offer the best balance of all designs at a fairly reasonable price. The best part is that Lulu updates their colors every season, so you have the excuse to stack drawers full of the pants in the latest vibrant colors.

8. C9 Champion Performance Leggings

We didn’t expect Target brand merchandise to be so functional, durable and affordable. They are inexpensive and perform as well as some of the leading brands.

9. Teeki Star Power Hot Pants

For the fastest drying sweat pants after a hot yoga session, Teeki have got the formula down to a science. These yoga pants are made from recycled bottles, adding to your good karma:)

10. Alo Airbrush High-Waist Leggings

These super-high rise leggings fit so well they feel like a second skin, and manufactured with an antimicrobial material that prevents any bacteria from latching on to you during a hot yoga session. I own a few pair of these.

So there you have it. I’d love to hear what you’re wearing these days in the comments below.


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