Sunday Farmer’s Market in Boulogne

Sunday Farmer’s Market in Boulogne




I woke up Sunday morning to a great surprise. I wandered out to see my neighborhood and there was a huge outdoor market going on. It seemed to be Boulogne’s version of the Union Square Farmer’s market in New York. It was awesome to see all the incredible fresh vegetables and fruit. I got some fresh apples and pears from a wonderful farmer from The Loire valley. I picked up some fresh brussel sprouts, arugula, red pepper, parsley, lemon and an artichoke. I also bought some goat cheese and natural yogurts, a piece of amazing trout and a delicious baguette. I passed on the brain, though!

I came home and did my own yoga practice in the mid day, then went to my upstairs neighbor’s flat and had tea. Nicole is a lovely Parisian who just moved to the suburbs of Boulogne and we talked and drank tea and had a wonderful time. I was pretty impressed with myself, I came home and pulled together a great meal with a salad, steamed artichoke, baked trout, and some bread and cheese. It really does make a huge difference when the ingredients are fresh. I still had wine left over from Saturday night and I poured a glass and sat back and relaxed. It was nice not to feel the need to do any more site seeing or shopping; but to just have a lazy, nourishing Sunday in Boulogne.


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