Sequence Introduces the STILLMOTION Yoga Mat

Sequence Yoga Mat

Investing in a good yoga mat is like buying a new car. You want to make sure it’s comfortable, it performs well, you like the design and color, and it’s built to last. It can definitely be worth spending the extra money to purchase a yoga mat that will carry you everywhere on your yoga journey. You’ll want to park your mat neatly in your home; but also be able to take it on the road easily. You want a mat that feels good from the very first time you take it on a test ride. If you are sliding all over the place, it can be very frustrating, not to mention dangerous. And, it’s no fun to get road burn or feel that the mat isn’t supportive enough for your bony areas like your sacrum, tail bone and 7th cervical vertebrae.

Still Motion Yoga STILLMOTION from Sequence is a new kind of yoga mat with grip zones in the front and back of the mat. It was created by two incredible women, Stephanie Connaughton and Lisa Franks. Combining their unique business and product development skills, they created a mat that has better grip, and more stability for standing postures; and is comfortable, supportive, and lightweight. I love how Stephanie got her inspiration from working at Gilette for creating the unique rubber grip surface. The yoga mat helps hands and feet feel powerfully grounded when pressing in to the skin hugging rubber cushions; and the grip zones on the STILLMOTION yoga mat help keep towels from moving or bunching.

Still Motion Yoga 2 I really appreciate the comfortable thickness of the mat, and find it beneficial for my Pilates workouts as well. Often times it’s hard to split the difference between a thin grippy mat, and a thick cushiony supportive mat. STILLMOTION is the perfect in between–cushy, but not to thick; and non-slip. I also love that it’s only 3 pounds so I can easily carry it with me. I am very fond of the design, it’s very sleek and cool. It is truly everything a yogi needs in a yoga mat.

Still Motion Yoga Mat The mat is available in black with cloud blue or sea green grips, and for a limited time it comes with a free yoga mat bag. Shipping is free too! For more info visit


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