Postpartum: Safely Resuming Your Exercise Routine One Step At A Time

Postpartum: Safely Resuming Your Exercise Routine One Step At A Time

Generally, most women will gain up to 30 pounds of weight during pregnancy. The exact amount will vary considerably depending on the woman’s diet and original body type; but some degree of weight gain is a given, and is often extremely difficult to lose once the baby is born. Many women report being unable to lose excess weight after childbirth which can result in feelings of depression and misery with regard to their figure. However, losing weight gained during pregnancy is 100% possible if you take the right steps at the right time. It isn’t as difficult as many women think and, in reality, you can snap back to your previous body shape quicker than you’d have ever thought possible. So, if you’re struggling with excess baby weight and want to get back into a safe and effective exercise routine, keep reading! Below you’ll find some tips you can start using right away.

Be realistic

Pregnancy and giving birth are two of the most body-altering experiences a woman can have. So don’t expect your body to instantly tolerate daily runs and gym visits, even if you were used to doing that before you got pregnant. Bleeding after giving birth is extremely common, often lasting anywhere between 2-6 weeks. So while bleeding occurs, it’s important that you rest and avoid proper exercise. A gentle walk is fine, but if you throw yourself into heavy exercise before your body is ready, you can seriously hinder your recovery. It’s also important to listen to your body and read the signs. If your bleeding appears to have stopped and you take on more strenuous exercise which causes bleeding to start again, you need to stop and allow your body more time to heal. Listening to your body is essential during postpartum recovery.

Start slowly and work your way up

Once you feel your body is ready to take on exercise, begin with gentle activities first, before throwing yourself into the deep end. This is by far the safest way to get back to your old exercise routine, and is more likely to speed up the recovery process. Simple exercises such as daily walks and mild stretching are a great way to start. In fact, doing general household chores and grocery shopping all count as ‘mild exercise’. If you experience no negative effects, you can then move on to brisk walking/running and lifting light weights. However, once this standard of exercise is reached, new mothers often experience difficulty finding time to complete their fitness routine. Joining classes and finding someone to exercise with can help but, if you’re unable to do that, investing in a weight-loss program can be beneficial. Check out this review of the Bikini Body Guide by Kayla to see if it fits in with what you’re looking for!

Hydrate and rest

Making sure to drink lots of water is essential for maintaining a successful, healthy and safe postpartum exercise routine, especially if you’re breastfeeding. If you’re going on frequent walks, carry a water bottle with you at all times to ensure you always have a method of staying hydrated when on-the- go. Even if you’ve managed to regain your old strength and can carry out the same exercise you were doing before pregnancy, it’s important to remember that you’ve still given birth! This is a huge body-altering experience! The effects of giving birth may last longer than visibly noticeable, so making sure to have a good balance between rest and exercise is key. Once your daily exercises are complete, always stretch and give yourself at least half an hour of resting time. If you find it difficult to remember to stretch and condition your body post-exercise, taking up a yoga class may help. In addition to being relaxing and restorative, yoga is notorious for being peaceful and calming, allowing you to indulge in some real relaxation time while still exercising your body!

So, if you’re in the postpartum stage of childbirth, remember to be realistic about what you can achieve at different stages of your recovery. Start slow, work yourself up, and you’ll have your bikini body back in no time!

Melissa Palmer is sure that her exercise regime of yoga, running and doing squats while vacuuming helps keep her in her . She writes about Motherhood, sharing her advice and tips around the web.

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