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Bethenny Just in case you’ve missed some of these, I thought I’d make sure I share them with you. I’ve been contributing some blog posts for Bethenny Frankel lately. The very first one I wrote about making yoga affordabe. Now I’m starting a series of Top 3 yoga moves that are effective at toning certain areas of the body or enhancing different aspects of your life. If you have a particular area you’d like me to concentrate on; or an issue that you’d like me to create a routine for, please let me know. And, don’t be afraid to make some comments on my posts at Bethenny.com as well!

Making yoga affordable http://bethenny.com/blog/post/make-yoga-affordable



Yoga poses for your core http://bethenny.com/blog/post/3-yoga-poses-to-strengthen-core

Tighten that tush! http://bethenny.com/blog/post/yoga-for-great-butt








Kristin McGee is a celebrity yoga and Pilates instructor in New York City. She is the star of over 100 videos, a contributing editor at Health Magazine and a spokeswoman for many brands and causes she believes in. Kristin also appears frequently on television. A mother of a toddler and twins on the way, she sure keeps herself busy!


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