Meet Kristin McGee

page-meet-kristin2-260x1024Hello there! Welcome! I’m Kristin. I am a celebrity yoga and Pilates instructor in New York City. Whether working privately or in class with me, I will help you get in shape and learn to do yoga correctly. I’m all about form and fun.

I totally get that you…

  • Are intimidated by the idea of doing yoga.
  • Think yoga is a series of chants and sighs and oms.
  • Believe that having a spiritual experience while doing yoga is mandatory.
  • May think that yoga is just stretching and not “real” exercise.
  • Might be shy about trying something new.

I’ve been there! Which is why I am your yoga girl without the “om”. I’m here to make you feel totally comfortable with incorporating yoga into your life.

I started doing yoga way before it was cool – I’m talking back in the early nineties. That was when I was studying acting at NYU Tisch. My professors introduced Tai Chi and yoga to us as a way of getting more connected to our bodies. I totally fell in love with it.

I got certified in yoga in 1997 when I started working at Crunch Gym in New York. That’s when MTV found out what I was doing and I got my big start doing a yoga video series with Lori Trespicio from The Real World. It’s funny because down the line, I ended up doing another yoga video with Bethenny Frankel from The Real Housewives of New York. And we’re working together privately even now!

My experience with yoga then ended opening doors to Pilates, strength training, and overall health & wellness. It opened up doors in many areas of my life.

Pilates is a powerful exercise that gets you incredibly connected to your core which means you breathe better overall! It also has the concentrated ability to tone those spots on our bodies that give us so much trouble: muffin tops, saddle bags – you know them, ladies!

In life, in order to be healthy and feel well, you need to connected and hyper-aware of your physical self. In yoga and pilates, we learn to connect our minds to our bodies through our breath. As you get more connected (not just in class, but overall), you end up treating your body with more respect. This gives way to healthier eating decisions and overall happiness.

When you are not connected, this can create poorer eating choices and feelings of depression. The way you live should not be about your diet, exclusively, but about getting back to being fully present and connected to your body.

It’s about listening! And it makes sense! Think about it: you will feed your body only when you are hungry because you will know what it wants. Even better, you will enjoy food more because you’re hyper aware of how good it tastes.

Are you with me?

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