Goodie Goods Foods–Because Food is way More than Fuel!

Goodie Goods Foods–Because Food is way More than Fuel!

I was so spoiled last week! Jesa Hennesberry, founder of Goodie Goods Foods, made me two full days of meals and personally delivered them to my apartment. Jesa is a natural foods chef, competitive athlete and yogi. She loves preparing and sharing nutritious meals for people, so she created a gourmet, chef designed meal delivery program. She can customize the plan to meet anyone’s specific needs. With a focus on the Paleo Diet and allergy friendly meals, Jesa creates delicious, healthy meals made to “fuel your journey, feed your spirit and help you achieve your goals!”.

Jesa Jesa sends out a menu at the end of each week, so her clients can see what is coming up for the following week and choose the meals and snacks they want. It’s a very flexible plan and you can choose from just one meal a day or all three meals plus snacks and sides. You can also just do one or two days a week. Jesa also does dinner parties, private affairs and in home cooking classes. I definitely want to sign up for a class with her now so I can recreate some of the amazing dishes she made for me.

Spanish omelet I started my first morning with a tortilla Espanola omelete with roasted red pepper romesco sauce. I have to admit this was one of my favorite breakfasts ever. I loved the thinly sliced layers of potatoes and the delicious sauce. The omelet itself was perfectly cooked and it was a very decent portion. I was held over until lunch time.

chicken salad salad bite On the lunch menu was coconut-lime chicken, scallions and snow peas on a bed of red cabbage, carrots and romaine. The salad was so crisp and refreshing, the chicken was tender and delicious and the coconut dressing was out of this world. I really need to start doing more big salads with proteins mid day. I usually have a peanut butter brown rice wrap on the go, the salad was so much more satisfying.

pecan pie bites Mid day I had one of the pecan pie balls, oh my gosh so good! I loved the raisins, pumpkin seeds, pecans and cinnamon flavored snack so much, I had to use major will power to save the other one for the next day.

shrimp After a long day of teaching, I have to admit it was really nice to be able to come home and just pop a homemade meal in to my microwave for a few minutes. Dinner consisted of black pepper-caramel shrimp with paleo cauliflower “fried rice” and garlic broccoli. Again, I felt so satisfied and content. The combinations of flavors were all so tasty and nothing felt too heavy. I can’t believe she made the cauliflower taste so similar to real fried rice.

paleo brownies For dessert I was treated to some paleo mexican spice brownie bites–YUMMY! My little guy was doing back flips inside my tummy when I ate these delicious morsels.

portobello breakfast The next day I woke up and was treated to some truffle scrambled eggs with sauteed spinach in a portobello mushroom cap. I added a bit of cayenne powder to this breakfast since I love anything spicy. Jesa’s meals were all flavored with fresh herbs and minimal salt if any at all.

collard wraps collard bite Lunch was amazing once again–pulled chicken and bacon collard green wraps with roasted red peppers and onions with a cherry tomato salad and tahini garlic dipping sauce. I wanted to lick the bowl of tahini it was so good. The collard green wraps were unbelievable. I had them on set and everyone was very jealous of my meal.

turkey cutlet and squash Once home at the end of another very long day, I sat down to an incredible dinner consisting of a turkey cutlet with rhubarb chutney, sauteed swiss chard and a side of steamed squash. The chard was melt in your mouth, the turkey and chutney combo was awesome and the zucchini was so fresh and crisp.

apple pie chia pudding apple pie chia pudding bite The grand finale of it all was a bowl of apple pie chia seed pudding–heaven! If I can get just one recipe from Jesa, it has to be this one.

emotionheader Jesa delivers the meals in large insulated cooler bag and each meal is marked and carefully packaged in biodegradable containers. Heating instructions come with all the meals that need to be warmed. Jesa is so warm and friendly; and she really cares about everything she puts in to her meals from the preparation to the creativity to the well thought out combinations of each day. You can taste the love in her cooking. I can see something like this being perfect for me once my newborn is here and I don’t have any time or energy to cook healthy, nutritious meals for myself and my husband. I can also see how this can really help someone with special food needs (allergies, etc.) discover how great food can be even if they have to eliminate certain things from their diet. Everything is gluten, dairy and sugar free and made with minimally processed ingredients.

paleo chocolate mousse To learn more about Jesa and Goodie Goods visit her site and find her on Facebook. Wouldn’t you love to try this paleo chocolate mousse?!

Kristin McGee is a celebrity yoga and Pilates instructor in New York City. She is the star of over 100 videos, a contributing editor at Health Magazine and a spokeswoman for many brands and causes she believes in. Kristin also appears frequently on television. A proud mom to three, she sure keeps herself busy!

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