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Favorite Cool Treats that Won’t Pack on the Pounds!

The Summer heat has finally hit full steam! All of this hot weather and ice cream trucks everywhere, can make it really tempting to indulge in some sweet cool treats every day. Now that I’m pregnant with twins, I’ve been craving ice cream for 3 people! I completely believe in indulging every once in a while; … Continued


Summer Snackin’

I recently wrote about the importance of slowing down. For me, slowing down also includes simplifying things to make everyday life just a little bit easier.  I spend a lot of my day out of the house and instead of worrying about when and where I’m going to be able to find a healthy meal, I … Continued

Summer Body Inspiration: How Exercise Can Make You Feel More Body Confident

If you read gossip magazines, or you’re a fan of social media, you may have noticed an influx of pictures of celebrities on holiday. When it’s vacation time, most of us step up our pursuit of a beautiful bikini body. Are you after toned abs, muscular shoulders or an hourglass figure? Whatever your dream body … Continued

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8 Pre and Post Workout Healthy Snacks You Must Try

Fill up your refrigerator with tuna or chicken sandwiches, a packet of almonds and walnuts, homemade tortillas and dips, kale chips (lower calorie), green salads and soups. It stops morning rush and also the idle habit to neglect breakfast. As breakfast is the most significant meal of the whole day, you should not miss it … Continued

Benefits of Pilates: 6 Reasons Every Woman Should Try Pilates

To all women who think they can’t perform Pilates, I want to say that you are wrong. In fact, women of all ages can perform Pilates exercises. Whether you are 30 years old or 50 years old, you can do Pilates in the gym or at the home. However, you need to learn several precautions … Continued

Creating A Home Gym Fit For Exercise, Not Distraction

When it comes to creating a home gym, there may be many initial concerns in your mind. The first might be where you will find the space. The second, how you will collect and afford the equipment, and know the best pieces to buy. You may also be concerned about how you will exercise and … Continued

Guest Blog: Where Yoga Meets Supplements

Protein powders and muscle-building supplements have by now become a tacit standard for most bulk-minded gym aficionados, but their use by yogis remains a bone of contention that gets picked in yoga studios every once in a while. Some instructors advocate clean yoga, claiming that dietary supplements have no place in a true-blue yogic lifestyle, … Continued

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Eat Your Coffee!

Caffeine is all the buzz these days (no pun intended!) thanks to coffee. Products from caffeine shots to caffeinated peanut butter seem to be popping up everywhere. I love that coffee is a super food and I happily enjoy my daily morning cup of joe. I love coffee’s bitter taste, it reminds me of dark chocolate without … Continued


Top Gift Ideas For Fitness Fanatics

If your partner, teenager or friend is obsessed with staying healthy and fit, you might not know what to buy them as a gift. You understandably want to get them something that they will like and be able to use regularly. But if they already have everything they need for the gym, this can limit … Continued

Slowing Down…

When do you take the time to slow down? Once you pass the age of 21, years just seem to fly by. All of the sudden you are in you 30’s and your child is growing faster than a weed. When we are children we can breathe. We stop to watch a butterfly, to smell … Continued

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