Bubbles & Balloons


What amazes me the most about being a mom, is seeing everything through Timothy's little eyes. I am so blown away every day by his observations and his joy. Timothy gets excited over the tiniest things--turning on and off a light switch, pushing an … [Read more...]

übr water announcement & giveaway!


Great news! I have just signed on to be a spokesperson for übr water. I am so super psyched for this opportunity. I absolutely make sure to drink water regularly and stay hydrated every day. I am still nursing (trying to stop soon though) and … [Read more...]

What Are The Eight Limbs of Yoga?


Depending on how long you've had a yoga practice, you may or may not be too familiar with the eight limbs of yoga. Years ago when I certified to teach yoga, I remember studying the eight limbs and memorizing them through a little chant, "yama, … [Read more...]

Guest Blog: Lessons from the mat


I learn something every single time I step onto my yoga mat.  Sometimes it’s an incredible new lesson.  Sometimes it’s simply a gentle reminder.  But it never fails and I always step off the mat more inspired and connected than when I started.  I’ll … [Read more...]

5 Reasons to Focus More on Your Breath During Yoga


What makes yoga different than just your average stretch class, is the emphasis on the breathing. In yoga we breathe in and out through the nose using deep, calm, controlled inhalations and exhalations. This type of breathing calms the … [Read more...]

Happier Favorites Box Giveaway!


What makes you happy?! I sure know what makes me happy--fresh air, being active, eating well, dancing with my son and hearing him laugh or say "Mommie", back rubs from my husband, being with my family, traveling, music, teaching and doing yoga, … [Read more...]

SUNWARRIOR Protein Powder

Sun Warrior1

I am always on the look out for good protein powders. I love to use protein powder to make shakes with, add to pancake mix or oatmeal in the morning, and for adding to cookies, brownies or homemade bars to up the protein content. I've often relied on … [Read more...]

Vionic’s Walkabout Challenge

Vionic venture walking shoe

One of my most favorite things about living in New York City is the ability to walk everywhere. I often throw Timothy in the bjorn and walk as far as 25 blocks! Walking is a daily part of my lifestyle and even just getting to and from the subway, a … [Read more...]

Pilates vs. Yoga – Which is for you? [Infographic]


(Image source) … [Read more...]

Thirdlove Bras & Panties


With Valentine's Day right around the corner, now is the perfect time to get some sexy lingerie. I always love a nice feminine bra and panties; but I hate it when they are uncomfortable. I recently discovered Thirdlove bras, and they are … [Read more...]