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Posture Perfecting Exercises You Can do Anywhere!

It’s my job as a yoga teacher to help people learn how to sit up straight and perfect their posture. We always start class working on sitting up or standing up tall with our shoulders down and back and our abdominals supporting us. I want student’s to find their natural curves and let their spine … Continued

Building A Better Workout: Endurance Is Your Number One Priority

Everyone is looking for something specific from their exercise regime. There are people who want to build bigger muscles or get a ripped physique, they would need different workout tips than those who want to drop a few pounds or lose the baby bump. There are also those who just want to build core strength. … Continued

Tips And Tricks For Protecting Your Skin From Winter Damage

Winter is one of those seasons we need to be extra careful when it comes to our skin. Cold weather is a lot more damaging than most people realize and all those layers of clothes aren’t going to save you. Luckily, you can keep most of the damage away by implementing a few different tricks … Continued

Healing Gemstones To Wear During Any Yoga Session

Yoga is a time when you can be yourself and create a balance in your life that helps to keep you happy, grounded and confident. While enjoying your yoga practice, did you know that you can promote self-healing through the use of a number of different gemstones? Yes, that’s right! By holding, wearing or positioning … Continued

Surprising Health Benefits of Pilates

Pilates is a lot more than just a fitness fad. There are a host of health benefits that you can derive from this unique physical activity, so it’s definitely worth establishing a routine in which you include Pilates classes in your exercise schedule. To learn about a few of the surprising health benefits of Pilates, check out the … Continued

Lost Your Flexibility? Don’t Panic – Here’s How You Can Get It Back!

When you look back on your childhood, do you recall just how flexible you used to be? You may have memories of contorting yourself into all kinds of positions on the playground monkey bars, or sitting casually with your legs behind your head. Fast-forward to adulthood, however, and the story is a little different. Getting … Continued

Build a Better Body: Ways to Get Serious About Chiseling Your Physique

Have you spent hours in the gym building your body up but still don’t feel as though you’ve got that chiseled physique? Here are some quick and easy strategies that will enable you to create that ripped body you’ve been dreaming of. People can go to the gym, lift lots of weights, and drink tons of protein … Continued

Ouch! 7 Ways To Avoid Painful Exercise Injuries

Exercise is good for you. Evidence suggests it improves your physical and mental well-being and will help prevent you from getting sick. But if you don’t adhere to a few simple safety guidelines, it could cause a painful injury. Seek Medical Advice If you haven’t exercised for a while, or if you’re planning on trying … Continued

Foodstirs Delicious Easy to Bake All Inclusive Kits and a SWEET Discount!

I have had serious sweet cravings this pregnancy! I am trying my best to have just one treat a day or pick healthy-ish options; but when a pregnant woman wants a brownie, she wants the real deal. I lately discovered FOODSTIRS baking kits. The brainchild of Sarah Michelle Gellar and her friend Galit, these two … Continued

Eat to Beat: Pregnancy Nausea

If you’re pregnant and nauseated, chances are you’re feeling a mixture of emotions. You’re happy and excited but also really, really sick to your stomach. Food that once brought joy now seems beyond unappealing. These tips, and the recipe below from the Healthy, Happy Pregnancy Cookbook, can help reduce the severity of your nausea during … Continued

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