Mother’s Day for Mums to be


Mother’s Day is around the bend. With Spring babies a plenty, I’ve rounded up a list of the top mommy must haves I couldn’t live without. The Boppy is a U shaped pillow that acts as the extra arm every mom wishes she had. Comfortable even as support for your bump and then later as […]

Enhancing Your Yoga Practice with a Book

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Yoga is such an intricate practice that no matter what level of yogi you are, there’s always more to learn and more ways you can improve your practice. Most people turn to videos or Instagram these days for yoga inspiration; but good old fashioned books can motivate you and enhance your yoga practice in so many different […]

A day for little Yogis!


The popularity of yoga continues to rise. With so many reaping the benefits, it’s no surprise that kids are getting in on the action too. According to last year’s poll by Yoga Journal 1.7 million tiny people (17 & under) are yogis…that’s a lot of little Bendi’s! April 8th has officially been named as #KidsYogaDay. […]

Healthy Home Meal Deliveries

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I talked about in my last post a few of my favorite shopping delivery boxes, but online shopping isn’t just limited to clothing and products these days. Another big craze is meal delivery services – you can have tonight’s dinner delivered straight to your door.  What I love about some of the new food delivery services is […]

Curate Your Life


I’ve already mentioned rocksbox and adore me in previous posts; but want to delve a little deeper into delivery box shopping since it seems to be taking the world by storm. With these new delivery delights, everyone can have a personal stylist and try the latest and greatest new products. Shopping this way, simplifies your […]

Spring Cleaning For Your Body with Sakara Life


We’ve sprung the clocks forward and Spring is officially on its way! We always talk about Spring cleaning for our closets, but it’s also a perfect time to “Spring clean” our bodies! What do I mean by Spring Cleaning our bodies? Simply, that it’s a good time to press reset on our diets and focus […]

A GOOD Morning = A Happy Mom. 5 things I do As a Morning Person, Guest Post by Shannon Clochie


As a mom to twin toddlers who are tiny little morning people, I am re-learning to love the morning. I definitely fall into the “morning person” category, but once I became a mother I was quickly exhausted and seeking rest whenever I could… making mornings a challenge I never knew I would have to deal […]