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Perfect the Details to Turn Up Your Workout

Sculpting classes succeed or fail on the little things. Often what you’re doing with the rest of your body will make an exercise harder than it should be or at least less effective than it could be. Improper form is often seen in exercise newbies, but not exclusively, and we all need reminders when our … Continued

7 Science-Backed Ways to Boost your Memory

How would you characterize your memory – that of an elephant or a sieve? We all have our “senior” moments: you can’t remember where you put your glasses or your keys, or you walk into a room and forget why. If it happens every once in a while, you probably don’t have to worry too … Continued

Advice from my Mother: How to Be Charitable Without Spreading Yourself Too Thin

My mother was a single, working parent when my sister and I were children. She loved yoga then and she loves yoga now – though her practice has changed a bit after two mid-life hip replacements. In those days she had our routine timed out perfectly. We’d all get up in the morning and do … Continued


5 Reasons You Should Be Drinking Matcha Green Tea!

I recently got to taste an amazing new brand of matcha tea called Motion Matcha. Motion Matcha comes in easy to use packets in a powdered form. You can just add hot water and drink it as a tea or you can add it to anything and everything. Matcha smoothies (one of my favorites with … Continued


Beauty Is What You Make It

It’s important in today’s society to find our inner beauty and let it truly shine. I’m actually so happy to see how things have changed over the years and how the landscape of beauty is varied and much more diverse than it’s ever been. On the other hand, there are many images bombarding us of … Continued

stress busting food

Stress Busting Foods!

Whenever you’re feeling the anxiety of a looming deadline, the weight of a ceaseless schedule, or a mind-boggling feeling that you’re falling behind on something, load up a plate brimming with healthy food and eat your way through it. Certain foods are proven to help reduce stress, sharpen your mind and keep you on top … Continued

Stay Motivated with Engaging Group Exercises

The countless health benefits of working out every day are widely known, but knowledge of the benefits doesn’t always alleviate the agony of waking up early for a pre-work exercise session. Although it may seem that the biggest hurdle to overcome is the transition from your bed to the nearest gym, getting there is only … Continued


Natural Ways To Ease Your Stress And Pain

We all meet stress and pain at some point during our lives. It could be work related, family issues or an injury that keeps flaring up. It might be bad posture, money troubles or relationship problems. There are many natural remedies you can try that can help ease some of the stresses and pain we … Continued

My 5 Favorite Supplements!

Throughout my years as a fitness professional, personal trainer, yoga and Pilates teacher, I’ve always been fascinated with nutrition as well as supplementation. I thought as long as I am eating a healthy, well-rounded diet, I don’t really need to add anything else to my diet. There are special times in my life, though, like … Continued

Tips for Staying Strong, Sexy & Healthy During Your Pregnancy!

Now that I’m on my second pregnancy and having twins, I have to stay positive and keep my body strong and healthy. My first trimester with the little guys was pretty intense! I felt nauseas often; but it helped to continue doing my yoga practice and my job. I liked the distractions; if I just … Continued

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