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Is Your Sleep Optimized?

Sleep. Everyone does it, everyone needs it; but not everyone is convinced how important it is. It can be easier for us to get by on a very low amount of sleep with our double shot expressos and cups of green tea; yet, is this really the best way to get by? Sleep matters far … Continued


Have You Heard of this Little Miracle Berry, Sea Buckthorn?

I wasn’t too familiar with sea buckthorn, until just recently. I had no idea one little berry could contain over 190 phytonutrients and all of the omega (3, 6, 9, and the rare Omega-7) fatty acids. Whether eaten, taken in pill form, or applied topically, sea buckthorn can benefit the skin, hair and nails, as … Continued

Sun Basket Meal Delivery Service–Delicious, Fresh and Easy to Follow Dinners!

I absolutely LOVE to cook, I find it very meditative, I like knowing what is going in to my food, and I love feeding myself and my family healthy, delicious meals. That being said, living in New York City, running around teaching all day long, looking after a toddler and being pregnant with twins, doesn’t … Continued


Why Pilates and Yoga Will Make You Stronger In the Gym

There’s no doubt there are enormous benefits to practicing yoga and Pilates – not only do they give your body an all-over workout and relax your mind; they also help with other exercise so results are faster and longer-lasting. Complementing your gym workout with yoga or Pilates will encourage positive body changes and give you … Continued


Guest Blog: How to be healthy at work

One of the things I often hear from clients is that it’s so hard to healthy at work. Whether it’s sitting for hours on end, skipping lunch, stressful meetings, or relying on caffeine and sugar to get through the day. I’ve created a workspace and workday that incorporates healthy habits, mindfulness and self-care and is simple … Continued


Sneaky Blends!

Missy Chase Lapine, author of The Sneaky Chef, has just released a new cookbook, Sneaky Blends! I absolutely love this cookbook and the idea behind it. I much prefer to eat my veggies instead of drink them; and I could never get Timothy to drink a green juice. But, Sneaky Blends offers over 100 fruit … Continued

6 Homemade Hair Conditioners That Add Shine to Your Locks!

Every once in a while, it’s nice to pamper yourself with a luxurious hair treatment; it not only rejuvenates you, but also keeps your hair healthy in the long run. It also feels really good to take a look in the mirror and find your hair looking all glossy and full of volume! Our hair … Continued


Loving the Skin I’m In

This is the skin I’m in and I want to take care of it because it is a reflection of how I take care of myself. Our skin is our largest organ and it’s super important to treat it with TLC. I discovered yoga in the early 1990’s and ever since practicing and teaching; I’ve … Continued


Coffee IS Healthy: 5 Research Backed Reasons Moms Should Drink More Coffee

Momming can be stressful. I don’t have first hand experience, but I’ve seen the look on my mother’s face (it was my brother, I swear) and I can tell it’s a difficult job. Coffee is here to help, and below are 5 research backed reasons why moms should be drinking more of it. #1.  Reduces … Continued


Natural Remedies I LOVE!

I have always been aware of the products I use and the ingredients in them; but even more so now that I’m pregnant with twins. I hate to pop pills or use medicine that could potentially affect my growing boys. My grandmother was a reflexologist and always had wonderful natural home remedies for any ailment … Continued

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